General Conditions and Documentation for Home Equity

General Conditions and Documentation

General Conditions

Up to 11'000'000 ALL or 90'000 EUR

Up to 75 % financing of the value of your house

Up to 20 years tenor

Competitive interest rates

Best financial advisers in the market



Identification documents:

  • Personal ID (if applied with a Co-Borrower, Personal ID of Co-borrower needed too)
  • Family Certificate

Financial Documents:

  • Documents verifying your employment and incomes (if applied with a Co-Borrower, financial documents of co-borrower are needed too)

Property legal documents:

  • The certificate of ownership of the house that will serve as collateral
  • The cartel of Property
  • The map of the property

ESG Loan

Raiffeisen Bank offers Financing with ESG (Environmental Social Governance) Loan or GREEN Loans.


Raiffeisen Bank's commitment to promoting sustainable development and supporting the environment, climate change, CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions and energy efficiency.

The purpose of this loan is financing the purchase of energy efficient products / materials for which the documents are needed:

-Product cost prevention

-Product Technical Document

-Quality certificate / efficiency

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