General Conditions and Documentation for Housing Loan

General Product Conditions and Documentation Conditions

General Product Conditions

Up to a value of 21'000'000 ALL or 171'000 EUR

Up to 80 % financing of the value of the house

Up to 30 year loan tenor for affordable instalment

Competitive Interest rates

Best financial consulters



Identification documents:

  • Personal ID (if applied with a Co-Borrower, Personal ID of Co-borrower needed too)
  • Family Certificate

Financial Documents:

  • Documents verifying your employment and incomes (if applied with a Co-Borrower, financial documents of co-borrower are needed too)

Property legal documents:

  • The certificate of ownership of the house that will be bought or left as collateral
  • The cartel of Property
  • The map of the property
  • A draft of Selling-Buying agreement

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