Constant dedication from all health workers, and especially in this challenging period for us, has given us confidence and strength for a more positive tomorrow.

We were inspired and felt safe!

Our thanks go to you who remained faithful to your oath!

We, too, are committed to embracing you, making life easier for you.

Raiffeisen Bank has prepared a package for all of you employees of the Ministry of Health who receive your salary in our bank, with products and preferential terms as you deserve.

* Salary Package is offered with commission 0 and includes!

  • 0 maintenance account for the current account
  • 0 debit card maintenance commission
  • 0 annual credit card commission for the first year
  • 0 commission for utility bill payments

The offer is available from May 1st, 2020 up to July 31st, 2020. The package commission will be disbursed only for these three months! *

All employees of the Ministry of Health also benefit from highly preferential terms for credit products:

  • Interested Personal Loan: 1-year T-bills + 6.8% and administration fee 0%
  • Mortgage Loans with 0% administration fee
  • Ovredraft with interest: 1-year T-bills + 7.8% and administration fee 0%
  • Credit card with an interest rate of 16%
  • Turnover up to 5 monthly salaries

* All employees of the Ministry of Health who are existing in our bank, but also new customers who choose Raiffeisen Bank during this three-month period, benefit from this offer.

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