Interest Rates for Housing Loan

Interest Rates for Housing Loan

Housing Loan in ALL currency 

  •  Paga + Clients:  starting from T-bills + 1.80%
  •  Standard Clients:  starting from T-Bills + 2.30%
  •  Premium Clients: starting from T-Bills +1.55%


Housing Loan in EUR currency

  •  Paga + Clients:  starting from Euribor + 5.50%
  •  Standard Clients:  starting from Euribor + 6.00%
  •  Premium Clients: starting from T-Bills +  5.25%

*Paga+ Clients are all clients withdrawing their salary through our bank

**Standard Clients are all clients their salary is processed in other banks

***In cases when base rate has negative value, the bank will consider this value 0 when calculating the interest


ESG Loan

For ESG Loan, a discount from the standard interest will be applied according to the respective segments of clients, both in ALL and Euro.

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