For your immediate expenses the right choice is on Overdraft!

An Overdraft offers Customers the opportunity to borrow up to on agreed amoun through their current accounts every time they have the need.

Who can take advantage of Overdraft?

  • Individuals that receive the salary in our bank
  • Deposit holders in Raiffeisen Bank.


  1. Flexibility
  2. Approval within 24 hours
  3. Competitive interest rates*
  4. Minimum Documention

* In cases when the Base Rate is negative, the bank will consider it 0 in the interest calculation.


  • Overdraft can be paid off at any time.
  • Currency of Overdraft can be in Lek.
  • The customers have total control on the use of their Overdraft.
  • Term deposit owners can apply for Overdraft, and continue earning interest on their deposit.

For more information contact the Personal Banker in your nearest Branch or call on 04 2 381 381


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