Packages according to lifecycle

A Bank for all generations

Nowadays life has changed. Everyone's expectations are increased, following by changes in lifestyle and new banking needs. More and more you expect that banking services act in response to your individual needs.

We are focused on customer’s needs and fulfilling them completely. Therefore, we are dedicated on identification of these needs and adaptation to their changes, designing packages of products and services suitable for every age, cycle and life style.

If life today for some of you may be more difficult, banking does not have to be such.  No matter the age and stage that you are in, whatever your primary needs are, you can fulfill all believing in our relationship!

Seek help for your finances? How to profit from your savings and use them efficiently? Need financing to realize your goals? Or you are oriented towards banking services that facilitate your everyday life?

If you want an answer to your financial needs we provide you more than just a banking relationship, which helps you to discover more strategies to solve your financial issues.

Your benefits

  • You can save your time by using E-service channels
  • Save your money benefiting from products and services with preferential terms
  • Facilitate your life by using products and services that fit with your needs

Detailed packages information

Raiffeisen Start is a package designed for Student's needs

Raiffeisen [email protected] / Paga [email protected] are packages designed for Young Adults, recognizing their interest in modern banking and technology

Raiffeisen Progress / Paga Progress are packages designed for Growing Family, a time when expenses grow with the family and there is greater need for borrowing and financial advice.

Raiffeisen Solid / Paga Solid are packages designed for the group of Matured Family, a time when living expenses start to decrease (independent children), debts are paid off and intensive saving for retirement is in focus.

Raiffeisen Relax is a package designed for Retiree's needs

Raiffeisen Extra is a more extensive package for all the customers who want a full banking relationship and use the widest range of products and services

For more information about our packages of products and services refer to PI Mass Packages Terms and Conditions

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