Do you have a Term Deposit Account in Raiffeisen Bank?

It is not necessary to break your deposit for unexpected expenses. Raiffeisen Bank helps you through with loan guaranteed by your Deposit.


  1. You earn full interest on the deposit
  2. Fast and simple procedures
  3. Competitive rates
  4. No justifying documents required
  5. The loan currency can be different from the deposit currency.
Loan Maturity Up to 25 years
Loan Amount

Min: 100.000 LEK - Max: 12.000.000 LEK

Min: 800 EUR - Max: 100.000 EUR

Interest Rate

For LEK currency:  T-Bill 12M + 1.3%

For EUR currency: Euribor + 4.8%

Percentage of Financing up to 80% of the value of the deposit depending on currencies
Documents required Identity Document
Family Certificate
Copy of Term Deposit Contract
*The Bank reserves the right to request additional documentation on case basis.
Deposit The deposit currency can be in Lek, USD dollar, Euro, Pound and or Swiss Franc CHF

Pick up a brochure for more information, contact the personal banker in your local branch, or call our Call Centre on +355 4 2381381.

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