Is your salary credited in Raiffeisen Bank?

Starting from now you can apply for a Quick Cash loan with relaxed terms to meet your needs at any moment.

Quick Cash Loan Advantage

  1. Quick Cash Loan for Personal use
  2. Short Term Loan
  3. Is not required any Co-borrower/Guarantor, only one Contact Person
  4. No collateral is required
  5. No justification is required on the purpose of the loan


Loan Amount 100,000 leke - 200,000 leke
Loan Duration 6 - 36 months
Loan Interest Rate  T-Bill 12M + 10.3%  

Identification Document

*The Bank reserves the right to request additional documentation on case basis.
* The interest on the 12-month Treasury Bills results from the auctions held, which are announced on the same day of the auction and are published on the respective websites of the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Albania.

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