Choosing the right bank to get your salary is a very important decision as the Bank where you get your salary is your trusted partner and financial advisor.

You will be able to get the highest quality service only by choosing the best and meeting your most important requirements:

  • Salary is credited on your account within 30 minutes
  • Within 1 hour of salary credit you are notified by SMS
  • Take advantage of the largest network of Branches, ATM’s and POS’s in the country
  • The best digital platform on the market
  • Benefit from innovative Products and Services

Your benefits

As very important clients for our bank, you will benefit more preferential terms for many of the products and services we offer:

  • Preferential terms and conditions for lending products and Credit Card
  • Up to 5 monthly salaries limit in Overdraft and Credit Card
  • Higher limits for transactions with Debit Card

You can choose among the types of SmartPay accessories like PayBand and Sticker and enjoy the newest world of fast and secure payments with a contactless Mastercard card.


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