Salary Packages: Benefit much more with PAGA Power at Raiffeisen Bank!

Choosing the right Bank where to get the salary is a very important decision because the Bank will be your trusted financial partner.

Choose Raiffeisen to receive your salary, and you will give strength to our relationship. You will benefit the best quality service only by choosing the best that fulfill your most important requirements:

  • Speed and reliability in salary crediting
  • Salary withdrawals from the account, quickly, at any time and with no commission
  • SMS notification for salary crediting

Your benefits

As salary depositor customers in our Bank you will benefit preferential terms and conditions for many products and services we offer:

  • Higher limits for Debit Card
  • Higher revolving limit (Overdraft +)
  • Preferential terms and rates for Credit Card
  • Preferential rates for loan products
  • Preferential rates for Car Leasing

Detailed packages information

Raiffeisen Start is a package designed for Student's needs

Raiffeisen [email protected] / Paga [email protected] are packages designed for Young Adults, recognizing their interest in modern banking and technology

Raiffeisen Progress / Paga Progress are packages designed for Growing Family, a time when expenses grow with the family and there is greater need for borrowing and financial advice.

Raiffeisen Solid / Paga Solid are packages designed for the group of Matured Family, a time when living expenses start to decrease (independent children), debts are paid off and intensive saving for retirement is in focus.

Raiffeisen Relax is a package designed for Retiree's needs

Raiffeisen Extra is a more extensive package for all the customers who want a full banking relationship and use the widest range of products and services

For more information about our packages of products and services refer to PI Mass Packages Terms and Conditions

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