Send Money

Through the digital platform Raiffeisen ON, you can perform all types of payments and transfers that are provided in the branches of Raiffeisen Bank and much more... too fast, any time, in any place!

My Beneficiaries

For your convenience, till the first login in the web, the platform will display to you the list of the most frequent beneficiaries against whom you have sent money during the last year. Next to each beneficiary it will be the option “Pay To”.

Send Money

To send money within the bank, within or outside the country it can be done in a few simple steps. In each of the performed payment you have the possibility to save the beneficiary.


Just choose the account you want to use for sending money and then choose the beneficiary.

...and perform payments

Pay Card

The payment of the obligations or the increase of the dispo balance of your credit card has never been so easy.

Pay Bills

You can perform the payment of the utility bills any time and in a very few steps.

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