Terms & Conditions

You are applying for the Debit Card Product

Card Issuance

  1. Based on this application, the Bank issues a debit card (referred below as “Card”) for the Account Holder, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Bank.
  2. The Account Holder is responsible for the accuracy of the personal data given in the Current Account and Debit Card application for the account holder, and for the renovation of these data in case any change occurs.
  3. The Account Holder gives his approval for debiting of all voices (card transactions, fees and other costs) payable upon the issuance and usage of the Card, in the Account Holder’s Current Account for which cards are issued (referred as “Account Holder Current Account”).
  4. Bank defines limits for cash withdrawals and payments for each card.

Card Acceptance

  1. Card Holder accepts personally the Card at the Branch of the Bank when he has opened his account and usually performs transactions.
  2. The Card Holder shall receive from the Bank’s branch one envelope which contains Personal Identification Number (hereinafter “PIN”).
  3. The PIN is intended solely for the Cardholder. The Cardholder shall be obliged not to disclose the PIN to other persons.

Card Usage

  1. The Card Holder has the right to withdraw money from the Account of the Account Holder which the card is linked, up to the limit defined.
  2. The Card Holder has the right to use the Card within the Republic of Albania and abroad for purchasing goods and/ or services from merchants through POS, for cash withdraw from ATM, or at the bank cash desk’s (Cash Advance service), and at exchange offices that have Card Brand logo.
  3. The Bank has defined the maximum number of cash transactions and the maximum number of non-cash transactions that can be performed with the Card within a specific period.

If your telephone number is updated in our system, you will be notified through sms when your card is ready. If not, please contact our Contact Center on the numbers +355 4 2227262, +355 4 2381381 for information.

You can be informed for the General Terms and Conditions in the official website of Raiffeisen Bank Albania

Terms and Conditions

In order to withdraw your debit card once it is ready, you will in advance receive and sign in the branch the contract of this product and full terms and conditions.

I have read, undestand and accept these terms.

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