You’ve started your career and your needs and expecations are growing. You propably have become more independent and making plans to build your life. But starting the process is associated with greater responsibilities on you, because now and on you will manage the incomes and expnses  by yourself.

Raiffeisen Bank will be support on your banking needs and will help to better mange your finances:

We adapt to your life changes!

Are you interested in electronics & innovation?

Do you want convenient ways of banking and control your money at any time and place?

  1. With Digital Platform you can do your banking wherever you are at a time that’s convenient for you. Need to pay a bill or transfer funds while you’re on the move? It’s as simple as logging on to RBAL virtual bank channels.

Love traveling?

Traveling is very exciting and the memories of your trips will last a lifetime. But, saving for your adventures may take time and needs planning. Consider:

  • Save money on regular basis to make wishes true.
  • Credit Card let you make purchases without having to carry cash and they’re widely accepted throughout the world. Your money will  be safe during your trips.

Bying your own car?

Owning a car offers freedom, flexibility and convenience but also requires a large amount of cash before you can get behind the wheel. Need some help?

  • Car Leasing

Are you moving home to begin independent life?

Making the decision to move out of home is an exciting step that requires a bit of advance planning. Now you will have new responsibilities and costs you’ll need to be carefull  and manage. Consider:

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