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Dear Premium Customer,

Welcome at Contact page of Raiffeisen Premium Bank in Albania! 

Raiffeisen Bank aims to constantly increase the satisfaction of its customers. We believe that the key to achieving this goal is to provide an excellent service and we are convinced that you can contribute to this. . 

Share with us your opinion and thought about the quality of service received at our branches and agencies. 

We are grateful if you make a request, complaint or suggestion on a specific issue, you use the forms in the "Find out more" menu. 

In this way we will know in detail the information and get feedback as the established order of the Bank. 


Raffeisen Bank

You may contact us at:


  1. Your Dedicated Premium Relationship located in the main branches of Raiffeisen bank. You can contact them via mobile numbers during banking hours. 
  2. 00355 4 2381 381for any kind of information about products, services and our offers. 
  3. 0800 7777 (fix line) and 00355 4 2227 262 for any problem with your debit or credit card, activate, blockage, on line purchase, payments in POS etc 


  1. [email protected] for any kind of information about banks, offers, products and our services. 
  2. [email protected], for any complain that you might have for products and bank services 
  3. [email protected], for any suggestion or evaluation that you want to express. 

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