Investment Fund

Raiffeisen Prestige is an investment fund in ALL, the first of its kind in our country, which gives you a new investment opportunity compared to traditional banking products. You will have a satisfying return from your invested savings, even if they are in small amounts.

You can withdraw your money at any time and receive interest for each day of membership in the fund. Raiffeisen Invest in Euro offers the same liquidity and flexibility advantages as Raiffeisen Prestige, with the only difference that it is an investment fund in euro currency.

Raiffeisen Vizion

"Raiffeisen Vizion": the newest fund from Raiffeisen Invest, another alternative to invest in Lekë

Raiffeisen Invest sh.a (RIAL), a company licensed from the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) for the Management of Investment Funds and Voluntary Pension Funds, presents the newest investment fund, Raiffeisen Vizion fund.

Raiffeisen Invest sh.a is the company that built the fundamentals of investment funds in Albania and developed it thanks to cooperation and support from FSA. Following the success of the Prestige fund and the Raiffeisen Invest Euro fund, RIAL offers to the Albanian investors another investment opportunity in Leke, aiming to diversify the financial portfolio through longer-term investments.

The objective of the Raiffeisen Vizion Fund is to maximize fund investors' total return in the medium-term, while aiming to safeguard the investor's capital and securing sufficient liquidity.

All interested investors can visit the branches of Raiffeisen Bank to make the investment in the new fund. The minimum amount of initial investment in the Fund is 30,000 Lekë. This amount can be increased by a value of at least 10,000 Lekë.

The Raiffeisen Vizion Fund will invest mainly in Albanian Government Securities.

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Private Pension Fund

This fund offers you the opportunity to have a sufficient return from your small, but regular savings. These savings of the private pension are heritable and transferable. Voluntary pension scheme is a supplementary pension which you receive in addition to state pension.