Money deposit in our ATM network

From Raiffeisen Bank ATM network, every cardholder that has a debit or a credit card issued from Raiffeisen Bank can deposit money.

Types of deposit:

In Raiffeisen Bank ATMs offering deposit functionality, the customers can perform two types of deposits:

1.Money deposit from your debit card Visa or Mastercard debit issued from Raiffeisen Bank:

  • Keep your money in a secured place instead of keeping them as cash,
  • You can deposit money into your account connected with a debit card to make scheduled online payments or to make various payments through your current account,
  • You can perform deposit money in your current account anytime to have the necessary funds and make your loan installment payments or other needs.


2. Cash deposit for Mastercard credit card account from Raiffeisen Bank:

Every customer can perform money deposit in his credit card account 24/7 – anytime and after the official working hours of the bank.


  • Any ATM deposit transaction that the customers can perform with credit cards becomes immediately available for use and the customers can perform planned payments in stores, online payments, etc.  
  • For your card obligations payments in time, you need to deposit money through ATM maximum two days (no later than 19:00) before the date of the minimum payment obligation specified in the monthly invoice.
  • Note: The minimum payment (5 %) or maximum payment (100 %) of the credit card through Direct Debit authorized from the bank, operates separately from the customer's deposits that might be performed in ATMs. The Direct Debit process operates automatically according to predetermined dates if the client has sufficient funds in his account even if the customer has performed a deposit transaction through ATM before the execution of this process

All the credit transactions performed in favor of the credit card account during the respective month, are reflected by the end of the monthly cycle of the credit card, decreasing the liability and the respective interests if are applicable.

ATM network with cash deposit functionality

For more details regarding ATM network that offers cash deposit functionality in ALL or EUR currency please click on the link below:

Cash in ATM network


When are available the deposit values performed in ATM?

  • Deposit transactions performed with debit or a credit card are available immediately in your account.

How to perform a cash deposit transaction in ATM?


First, insert your debit or credit card in ATM, insert the PIN code and follow the instructions based on the ATM screens to perform a cash deposit transaction.

A cash deposit in LEK should be performed only with a card in LEK currency.

A cash deposit in EUR should be performed only with a card in EUR currency.


Accepted banknotes for cash deposit in Raiffeisen Bank ATM network:

Cash deposit is performed in both currencies LEK and EUR.

Accepted banknotes for ALL:  500 Leke, 1.000 Leke, 2.000 Leke and 5.000 Leke

Accepted banknotes for EUR :  5 Eur, 10 Eur, 20 Eur, 50 Eur, 100 Eur and 200 Eur.

All the banknotes should be placed in the horizontal position and the maximum number of banknotes inserted for deposit is 50.

Cash deposit limits in ATM for MICRO, SE and CORP customers that own a debit or credit card are:

Daily limit: 999,000 Leke / 7,000 Euro

Weekly limit: 3,996,000 Leke / 28,000 Euro

Monthly limit: 6,993,000 Leke / 49,000 Euro


Make sure that the banknotes that you are depositing are not damaged.

Every doubtful banknote will be kept from ATM and a screen confirmation will appear.

These banknotes will be under further investigation from the respective department.