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Terms and conditions

By consent expressed in the site regarding the processing of personal data for marketing purposes you agree that Raiffeisen Bank SA to proceed with the collection and processing of your personal data (such as name, first name, former name, date and place of birth , gender, home address / residence, phone number and / or fax, e-mail, workplace, mailing address, signature, personal number, series and number of identity, signature) in Romania and / or abroad, directly and / or through proxies and / or counterparties it, in order to receive information about products, services and activities of Raiffeisen Bank SA and / or its partners, and in order to perform the Raiffeisen Bank SA, directly or through its contractual partners, marketing studies on products, services and activities of current and / or future Raiffeisen Bank SA and / or its partners' existing or future.

This statement is given including for the transfer and processing of your personal data for the same purposes listed above, by region and by the member companies of the group which includes Raiffeisen Bank SA and by respectively by their existing and future partners. Changing the option set on the processing and transfer of your personal data under the conditions stated above can be done in writing by submitting a request to the bank in this regard.

Also, verify that you acknowledge your rights conferred by Law no. 677/2001: the right to information, access to data, right to the data, the right to opposition (rights which may be exercised by addressing a written, dated and signed by the data controller shall be mentioned in the information provided by law ; any request shall be attached a copy legible ID of the applicant), the right not to be subjected to an individual decision and the right to call the court. * Note: Nr. Register ANSPDCP 189, according to Law. 677/2001.

For if I myself am part of a contractual relationship with the bank and / or I agreed for the bank to process my data for marketing, advertising and publicity, this agreement is a confirmation of the agreement gave the bank in this regard .