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Corporate: Custody Service

Want to buy and maintain a portfolio of fixed income instruments? Raiffeisen Bank keep your investments safe by offering custody services and holding them in securities register.

Your benefits:

Record keeping portfolio

The bank offers you peace of record keeping financial instrument portfolio.

Rapid and timely settlement

Settlement of transactions with fixed income instruments will be done quickly and on time.

Flexible and competitive commissions

Fees are negotiated and set according to the value of the portfolio held by the client and can be renegotiated periodically.

Processing of corporate events

If you invest in Government Securities through Raiffeisen Bank, you will benefit services to corporate actions processing including coupon collection, principal payment at maturity, and market rates and prices information.

Features of the Service

Government Securities Service and Registrar consist of:

Opening a securities/escrow account;

  • Settlement of securities in your portfolio (purchase, sale, ownership transfer) in the local securities market
  • Record keeping of securities in the portfolio,reporting and confirmation of trades settled and sending periodic statements or on holdings
  • Portfolio assessment and reporting
  • Managing relationships with issuers of financial instruments (representation, revenue collection etc).