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SE BUSINESSES: Money deposit to our ATM Network

Effortless Deposits: Conveniently add funds to your account through our extensive ATM network

All branches of Raiffeisen Bank offer the possibility of depositing money, with a debit or credit card product issued by Raiffeisen Bank.

Conduct your everyday banking transactions at one of our 103 Raiffeisen ATM's that have the Money Deposit functionality.


Keep your money in a secured place instead of keeping them as cash.

Availability 24/7

You can deposit funds to your credit card account 24/7 - at the most convenient time for you, even after the bank's official hours.


Avoid long cues and save time by depositing money directly to our ATM Network. Any deposit that you can make with your credit card is immediately available for use and you can make scheduled payments in stores, online payments, etc.

Card payments on time

For the repayment of monthly obligations through depositing at the ATM, make sure that you deposit the funds at least two working days before the date set for making the payment of the minimum obligation (no later than 19:00 of that day), in order for it to be considered as repayment of this obligation.

Note: Paying off the minimum (5%) or maximum (100%) credit card liability through Direct Debit authorized by the bank, operates independently of the customer's ATM deposits. The Direct debit process operates automatically according to the predetermined dates if the customer has funds in
the account even if the customer has deposited money in the ATM before
executing this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

On this part you may find the most frequently asked questions about Cash Deposit functionality

If the ATM deposit is made to the account with a debit or credit card, the amount deposited is available immediately. In this case, it does not matter the time of deposit, within official working hours or not, day or night.

It is enough to put your debit/credit card in the slot of the card reader at the ATM or tap it to the contactless reader and enter the PIN code in order to be identified, then following the instructions on the screen of the device, you can make the deposit of the requested amount.

To make money deposits with a debit card or credit card, the currency of the account with which the card is linked must be respected.

ALL currency cards accept deposits only in ALL currency, while EUR currency cards accept deposits only in EUR currency.

You can deposit in two currencies at Raiffeisen Bank ATMs, ALL and EUR. Referring to the information placed in the ATM, you can distinguish the currency in which operations are carried out at each Raiffeisen Bank ATM.

Banknotes in ALL currency are: 200 ALL, 500 ALL, 1,000 ALL, 2,000 ALL, 5,000 ALL, 10,000 ALL

The EUR banknotes are: 5 EUR, 10 EUR, 20 EUR, 50 EUR, 100 EUR and 200 EUR.

The banknotes must be placed in the horizontal position all together and without the need for order. The maximum number of banknotes in one deposit is 50 denominations.

Cash deposit limits in ATM for MICRO, SE and CORP customers that own a debit or credit card are:

Daily limit: 999,000 Leke / 7,000 Euro

Weekly limit: 3,996,000 Leke / 28,000 Euro

Monthly limit: 6,993,000 Leke / 49,000 Euro

Take care to deposit regular and undamaged banknotes!

Any banknote that is identified by the ATM as counterfeit will be kept by and the corresponding message will be displayed on the ATM screen. Suspected counterfeit banknotes are kept by the ATM for further investigation.