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Inhouse Ecology

We are committed to environmental and climate protection.

Our dedication to environmental and climate protection aims to minimize our ecological footprint. As a result, we continually work to enhance our sustainability standards and key environmental parameters in vital areas.

CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions (calculated using the ecoinvent v3.4 emission factor) for 2021 reached 1,170 kg/employee, a decrease of 45% compared to 2011 (the first reporting year). In comparison to the regional average (Raiffeisen network banks), our bank records a 53% lower impact. Emissions reduced by 10% compared to 2019.


With 1,131 tCO2e, energy consumption accounts for about 76% of emissions, marking the largest emission source for our bank. Energy consumption decreased by 3% compared to 2019 and by 32% compared to 2011. The share of green energy for Raiffeisen Bank is 86%, resulting in a 95% efficiency compared to the regional average.

Material Consumption

At around 300 tCO2e, material consumption (paper, envelopes, plastics, etc.) constitutes approximately 20% of our bank's emissions (10% less than a year ago and 38% less compared to 2011), making it the second-largest emission source. In total for 2021, Raiffeisen Bank used 78 tons of paper, an 8% increase from the previous year. Paper consumption reached around 12,000 sheets per employee annually.