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Make Innovation happen

Our team is committed to fostering innovation from both within and beyond our organization, making it part of our daily job.

The team

Rinno is the Raiffeisen Innovation Team, established in November 2020, and is a compact yet energetic group. The team has nurtured a lively community of innovators within Raiffeisen Bank Albania, all collaborating to bring innovation to life under the slogan “People make innovation happen.” 

Our goal

The Raiffeisen Innovation Team is on a mission to make innovation an essential part of our bank's DNA, creating superior customer experience. We achieve this by constantly exploring and introducing innovative products and solutions, building expertise that drives organic innovation, and fostering a culture that enthusiastically embraces creative thinking and advancement.

Transforming through innovation

We have made innovation a way of life by fostering an innovative mindset within our colleagues. Our innovative activities encourage idea-sharing and empower our teams and colleagues to implement innovative and customer-oriented solutions. It's not just about banking; it's about a culture of continuous improvement and a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. 

Explore and bring innovative products and solutions to business and internal stakeholders

We're always exploring and providing innovative solutions to benefit our business partners and internal teams at Raiffeisen Bank Albania. It's all about making banking better.

Create expertise that enables innovation as organic drive of the bank

Our ongoing objective is to nurture expertise that naturally drives innovation throughout Raiffeisen Bank Albania. Through various events and activities, we're making innovation a seamless part of our bank's DNA.

Nurture a culture that embraces innovation

We're nurturing a culture that continuously embraces innovation through bootcamps, hackathons, and innovation events at Raiffeisen Bank Albania. It's about creating an environment where innovation thrives in everything we do. 

We encourage intrapreneurship and startup mindset

At Raiffeisen Bank Albania, we promote intrapreneurship and a startup mindset, empowering our teams to think like entrepreneurs within our organization and enabling through different tools and methodology to apply it in their daily job.