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Bootcamp 2022

“Responsible youngsters for a Sustainable Future”

Get a flavor of last year’s bootcamp here

How might we support financially unaware individuals in making wise investment/financial decisions?

Educating potential future customers (children and teenagers) on financial literacy allows us to engage with the youngest from an early age in an educational and playful manner. If all citizens gained a decent financial education, it would empower them to take wisest investment decisions. Hint: EdTechs

How might financial institutions create meaningful impact/influence industry through green financing?

With the increasing awareness on ESG, clients will want their money to be used sustainably, either in partnering with sustainable businesses or green financing opportunities. What additional or improved products and services can we produce to serve these customers?

How might we leverage technology to create sustainable solutions?

Using the latest Tech/AI to create digital solutions for more sustainable products/services

How might we create inclusive and supportive corporate work environments?

Each of us is different in terms of: Race, Gender, Religion, Culture, Ability, Socio- Economic Class, Sexual orientation. There is so much to do regarding diversity & inclusion. More info here

How might we make our city greener?

Solutions to tackle ecological & carbon footprint, waste management, green energy in production, clean power, gas emissions, recycling, green mobility, etc. for corporates and the city.

How might we support our customers in measuring the climate risk impact of their businesses?

Companies must understand how the climate changes impact their business model (location, industry, supply chain, customer base, etc. There is a gap in measuring ESG performance data. Can we increase awareness and help them transform their business model towards a more sustainable business?

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequent questions.

Add up to your CV; You will be coached and mentored by experts from Raiffeisen Bank; You will strengthen your skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork; Interaction and exposure with the Raiffeisen community; You will learn how to develop a solution with the Design Thinking methodology and an Agile approach; Prizes and achievements; And most importantly, lots of fun!

National and international youngsters and young professionals as well as Raiffeisen's employees, that want to solve one of our challenges.

You can apply for the Bootcamp by filling out the application form link-ed on top of this page.     

Every good idea is based on solving an underlying customer problem – if you have an idea in mind, you can ask yourself about the underlying problem of this idea…. this is your challenge! An innovative idea is an idea for a significantly improved product, service, function or process that creates value for our customers.

You can submit as many ideas as you want.

We are looking for motivated people and a lot of diversity in terms of skillsets, background, and character.

The participants will be organized in diverse teams of 4-5 (chosen by us) where each team will work on developing an idea with the Design Thinking methodology, which includes a lot of teamwork and exercises. In the end of the second day the team should present in front of a Jury their solution prototype.