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Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Raiffeisen Bank have the long-term goal of creating sustainable values for people, society, and the environment. Our activity affects not only the economy but our entire community, so we take care of it.

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of our strategic pillars, which we express through community support projects, with the principle of "helping people to help themselves".

In our role as pioneer of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-s), we act with social responsibility as an Engaged Citizen in the following areas and further.



Raising awareness and taking action to protect the environment has been an area of constant contribution. We will continue our support in cleaning coastal areas, planting trees, and developing parks. Green energy is a focus point. 


Heath & Well-being

We pay special attention to the health sector by supporting local health institutions or organizations which aim to improve the physical & social wellbeing of the community, including promotion of sports. 


Art & Culture

As an essential part of the emancipation of society we promote artistic & cultural events such theatres, concerts, cultural heritage, young artists & film festivals. 



We believe education is the foundation to create a sustainable future, therefore we support rehabilitation of schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, equipment’s & appliances to study also financial education, and safe internet usage for children projects. 



Innovation is part of our bank mission; therefore, we support innovative ideas and solutions related to IT, technology and finance which drive us towards a brighter future.


People in need

People are at the heart of what we do, hence we have proactive approach towards marginalized groups. Various social initiatives taken related to zero hunger, integration & D&I through funding or collaborating with various organizations.