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RBI again awarded “Bank of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe”

RBI was awarded "Bank of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe" by The Banker for the twelfth time.“I consider the awards as confirmation of our focus on customer experience, especially with regard to digitization," said Johann Strobl, CEO of RBI.At the end of November 2019, Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) received the "Bank of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe" award for the twelfth time from The Banker, the Financial Times magazine. In addition, its subsidiary banks in Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, as well as Ukraine, were named "Bank of the Year 2019" for their respective markets.Only a few weeks earlier, the financial magazine Global Finance honored the most innovative banks. Tatra Banka, RBI's Slovakian subsidiary, was named the world's most innovative digital bank. The decisive factor here was the bank's successful digital strategy, which is reflected in its extensive online product portfolio, an attractive website and, ultimately, a corresponding increase in online customers.During the last fifteen years in the Albanian market, Raiffeisen Bank has shown that it is more than a bank that offers financial services to the customer.Our focus is on customer experience and continuous improvement of the banking services.Raiffeisen Bank continues to be the leader of innovation in the banking market, making customer experience ever easier.