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5 futuristic jobs in finance

When you think of a career in finance come to mind things like calculators, piles of papers, sweater vests and an office job setting you for life.But this belongs to the past. Just like in other industries, AI and machine learning are entering the scene and causing great disruption in what used to be one of the most stable career choices. As the digital revolution progresses, however, banks and other financial institutions will be on the hunt for people with an evolved set of skills, specializing in up-and-coming applications such as virtual reality, predictive algorithmics and conversational commerce.Based on the trends we’re seeing today; we came up with a list of jobs we predict will be essential in the financial industry of the future:1. Fintech headhunter/liaisonFintech startups, microlenders, and neo-banks are disrupting the finance industry and causing larger players to rethink their offerings and put innovation into hyperdrive —bringing rapid change to the industry. It’s also causing banks to begin acquiring, partnering and starting their own internal startups.2. CryptoforecasterSome big banks have started to research and test the role they could play in this growing field but for many, lack of regulation makes it too risky. Indeed the world of cryptocurrencies is still a very dark area for investors and policymakers alike, making it a wild west of sorts. Still, finance professionals who understand traditional markets may be able to apply similar skills. 3. Conversational Interface DesignerIt is an emerging skill to help us take best advantage of voice and text chatbots, and one that will only grow in importance as the technology becomes more mainstream. Chatbots are already used in banking to answer simple queries and gather information4. Universal Service AdvisorThe separation between digital, physical and remote service environments is breaking down. At any moment a customer may want serving in a branch, via chat app, voice, or in virtual reality. As mixed reality becomes the main interface between people and machines, critical skills for tomorrow’s customer advisor are a combination of product and domain knowledge with excellent customer communication and empathy.5. Cross-company cybersecurity liaisonWith the constantly evolving nature of cybersecurity, everyone, from corporations to startups to policymakers, is realizing that security cannot be ensured on an individual basis. In our interconnected world, we need greater collaboration to ward off the evolving nature of cyberattacks.