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The first innovative library in the capital thanks to the support of Raiffeisen Bank

“2020 International Safe Internet Day” #CyberCornerOn the occasion of International Safe Internet Day, Raiffeisen Bank in cooperation with the National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber ​​Security (AKCESK) presented the project "Orientation and Education of Children on Internet Use". This project enabled the construction of a cybersecurity corner #CyberCorner for visitors to the “Hamit Beqja” library in the capital. CyberCorner will be the corner where children and young people will be provided with in-depth knowledge of safe internet use, coding, combating violent extremism and public electronic services, through workshops to be organized by AKCESK experts. Modules have been designed for each of these topics, as well as computer equipment and site kiosks to explore and interact while in the library.The project aims to raise awareness for children's safety on the Internet and enable them to use e-services.Electronic communications are becoming an increasingly important part of all the developments of society worldwide. Building trust in the online environment is key to economic and social development, as lack of trust, particularly due to the perceived lack of legal certainty, makes consumers hesitant to conduct transactions electronically and adopt new services. The banking sector, in particular, relies on secure ways of securing the identity of users. Raiffeisen Bank, as a bank with the largest number of clients in Albania, is committed to guaranteeing the identity and electronic transactions of clients, which are increasingly being offered electronically through information technology tools.At the inauguration ceremony, the General Director of AKCESK, Ms. Vilma Tomco emphasized: “Safe Internet Day gives us the unique opportunity to promote online security, inspire children and young people to harness their enthusiasm and creativity and support them to build positive experiences on the Internet. It is inspiring to see so many different organizations and individuals come together today to build a better internet. Only by working together Government, industry, parents, schools, and communities can harness the power of the Internet positively, reducing the risks that come from it. ”Director of PR and Marketing at Raiffeisen Bank Ms. Greta Lekaj emphasized cooperation with AKCESK, praising CyberCorner as an innovation in the field and an example of social responsibility of the organization, for quality education of the younger generation. "We will continue to support such initiatives that contribute to the education and development of students because we believe that you are the future, you are the ones who will contribute to the further development of the country."