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Raiffeisen Bank Albania, is the 1st bank to install Photovoltaic Panels for energy production, strengthening its position as a pioneer of sustainable development in the country.

Raiffeisen Bank has consistently shown that it is one of the most engaged banks with a strong corporate culture in support of sustainable development in Albania.As a 'responsible banker' the bank's main objective, apart from business, is the long-term added value it brings to society and the environment. Therefore, the business strategy as well as the bank's products, services, and processes are aligned with this goal.This is best demonstrated by the latest investment made, the installation of photovoltaic panels for energy production in the Central Offices and several branches of the bank. 

From December 15, the installed systems are fully operational in the Central Offices in Tirana, as well as in the Fier and Berat branches and soon in Kukës and beyond.

Thanks to this project with 264 panels located throughout the units, with a total area of ​​1,100m2, an energy production self-sufficiency level of 31% are achieved (31% energy saved), avoiding 84,000 kg/year of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere

Erion Serti, Management Board Member for IT and Operations says: "This is a historic milestone for us and the beginning of a long journey. The value of the investment is considerable, but it was very necessary to undertake to reach our strategic objectives.

We are committed to continuing investing in green technology by showing our responsibility with concrete initiatives against the energy crisis. By saving more energy, we have shown cost efficiency and adapted our activity to protect the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions."

Raiffeisen Bank Albania, as part of the Raiffeisen Bank International group, the first group in Austria to sign the UN Principles for Responsible Banking, extends its activity even further by offering sustainable financial products to customers to support the activity of its lending transition to a "low-carbon" economy. We mention here the personal loan for energy-efficient products, or loans for houses in certified green constructions, as well as green loans for business.

The bank will support other important projects in the field of energy efficiency and remains committed to promoting sustainable development in the country.

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