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Raiffeisen Bank has NOT sent any official email with the text “Your service will be closed."

Dear customers,

We want to inform you that today Raiffeisen Bank has NOT sent any official email with the text "Your service will be closed.!!!" from the address regarding the termination of the service.

Please do not consider any e-mail or page, other than the official channels of Raiffeisen Bank Albania. All bank e-mails are sent only from the addresses:


We would like to bring to your attention once again some of the principles of safe use of the Internet.

  • Never access your Raiffeisen ON account through links you have been sent via email, pop-up forms on your computer or search engines.
  • Never access any page that asks you to provide personal or confidential information or that enables you to perform bank transactions.
  • Always write the full page address you want to access in the corresponding field in the browser.
  • The bank never asks you for your password, credit card number, or the answer to a security question by e-mail. Beware of such messages.
  • Do not open e-mail messages/SMS/WhatsApp/ or other communication channels without checking the identity of the sender and the title. If you have any questions about the origin of the message, delete it immediately. Do not open any file that may be attached or click on the links in the message.

The bank has already blocked the malicious link and weadvise you once again to follow the rules for the safe use of the Internet.

Raiffeisen Bank guarantees its customers that it always takes security measures so that their data is maximally protected.

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