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Raiffeisen Bank organizoi një event të fokusuar në potencialin e Inteligjencës Artificiale dhe ChatGPT
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Raiffeisen Bank organized an event focused on the potential of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT

  • Three days entirely focused on the innovations and challenges of IA and ChatGPT
  • Over 100 participants, 24 hours of hackathon and 3 prizes for the winners

At Raiffeisen Bank, innovation is our driving force, so we constantly work to stay on top of the latest developments and expand the boundaries of our knowledge in the fields of the future. With this aim, we organized on September 26-28 a special event, focused on the progress of technology and its impact on the way we operate in the banking sector, as well as on the challenges and potential of Artificial Intelligence.

The event opened with, "AA & AI Group community - Together we thrive, united we create" and brought together over 50 experts from Raiffeisen network banks. They discussed successes, developments, challenges and shared experiences and information related to the use and benefits of artificial intelligence. Also discussed topics including the power of data analysis and how Artificial Intelligence represents a powerful tool to understand, meet and improve the needs of our customers. In the banking industry, data is essential, and the use of Artificial Intelligence enables deep analysis of it that helps in making prudent decisions and increase efficiency.

The event was finalized with the competition "AI Hackathon- Break barriers, enhance work" where the bank's staff presented innovative ideas and developments for the use and integration of Artificial intelligence and ChatGPT in daily work. The best ideas were evaluated with winning prizes.

"This event shows our joint effort to create and deliver the best through collaboration and knowledge sharing in the Raiffeisen Group. Artificial Intelligence is not just an innovation; it is a powerful ally that will enable us to improve our services and address the complex challenges of the financial industry. We believe that continuous learning and adaptation are key factors to always be updated with the latest technologies," said Mr. Christian Canacaris, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Albania.

" The recent advances in AI provide a lot of opportunities for us. It's amazing to see how proactively we are in bracing these challenges across the network unit. For the last 2 days, I had the opportunity to collaborate and to work together with colleagues from Albania and explore ideas on how to use AI in the future. It is such a joy to see with how much energy they are taking these new challenges" said Mr. David Eschwe, Head of Group Advanced Analytics, Raiffeisen Bank International.

We would like to thank all the attendees and mentors for their contribution to this successful event. Raiffeisen Bank supports innovation as part of its mission and is determined to offer the latest and most innovative solutions on the market.

Raiffeisen Bank Albania is part of the Raiffeisen Bank International group with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Raiffeisen Bank has been operating in the Albanian market since 2004 and is one of the leading banks in the banking industry. The bank offers a wide range of commercial products and services across the 4 key business lines it operates - retail customers, micro-businesses, small enterprises (SE), and corporates and serves more than 465,000 customers. Raiffeisen On, the digital channel is the most innovative banking platform on the market as well as the most used. Our mission is to transform continuous innovation into an excellent customer experience with the vision to be the most recommended group for financial services.

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