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Growth of the Micro segment

Growth of the Micro segment is one of our highest priorities for the near future. Over the past couple of years, we've started the revitalization of this segment. 

We've rolled out new packages tailored to diverse business requirements and introduced innovative lending products. We offer the highest unsecured limit amount for the Micro segment, up to ALL 4,000,000, at competitive interest rates. 

Our lending portfolio has witnessed a remarkable fourfold increase compared to 2020, and we've seen a substantial 230% growth in the number of borrowers. 

Additionally, we are actively working on launching a new Agri lending product designed to meet the unique needs of our Agri Customers, which will be available soon.

While Raiffeisen On continues to excel as the top platform in the market for our business customers' transactions, we are actively dedicated to extending our digital lending solutions to serve our Micro Customers too. 

In December 2022, we successfully launched our initial pilot program, offering a seamless Digital Application and Instant Approval for Unsecured Overdrafts tailored to our Micro Customers. 

To date, we've approved 77 loan applications online in just 5 minutes, requiring only 2 easily accessible documents. We are working on scaling this solution, assuring our customers that they can anticipate a broader rollout later this year.

Micro and Small Enterprises are the backbone of our economy, and we are dedicated in investing to help them grow and be their bank of choice for all their business needs!

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