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Raiffeisen Bank presents the new digital initiative "measuring your environmental impact" Empowering customers to engage in environmental protection through their influence in every transaction

Raiffeisen Bank, responsible banking and sustainability lie at the core of our mission. We recognize that financial institutions have a crucial role to play in addressing global environmental challenges, and we are fully committed to fulfilling this role. 

We are proud to present the newest feature in our mobile app, Raiffeisen ON: Carbon Footprint/ CO2 emission measurement/ carbon footprint reporting for individual customers. This innovative functionality makes Raiffeisen Bank the first in Albania to introduce such a meter, further strengthening our commitment as a responsible bank that cares for a sustainable future.

Carbon footprint reporting provides users with valuable insight into the environmental impact of their daily banking activities. By accessing personalized reports directly within the Raiffeisen ON app, customers can now easily track their monthly carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, guiding them to make informed choices for a greener future.

Through the data obtained from this in-app carbon footprint meter, customers can benefit from:

• Details on monthly CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions based on their transaction data

• Personalized reports within the Raiffeisen ON application, providing a clear overview of their environmental footprint.

• Coming soon: a great opportunity to offset CO2 emissions and contribute to positive environmental change through special initiatives 

Raiffeisen Bank remains at the forefront of innovation, setting new standards in the market with its focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. By introducing the exciting "your environmental impact" initiative, the bank reaffirms its commitment to building a more sustainable world where you too can contribute knowing that you are making a positive difference while conducting your financial transactions.

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