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EMEA Finance: Raiffeisen Bank Albania awarded as “Best foreign bank” in Albania

Altogether 26 awards for the RBI Group in EMEA Finance’s “Europe Banking Awards”All of RBI’s subsidiary banks in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) decorated“Best bank”, “Best foreign bank”, ”Best investment bank” and “Best private bank” in 14 countriesRemarkable 26 accolades were presented to the RBI Group in EMEA Finance’s “Europe Banking Awards 2018” program. The renowned finance magazine named RBI as the “Best bank in CEE & CIS”. It also decorated RBI’s Slovak subsidiary Tatra banka as the “Most innovative bank in CEE & CIS”.Furthermore, EMEA Finance selected RBI and its subsidiary banks as “Best bank” in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine, and as “Best foreign bank” in Albania, Belarus and Russia. The bank’s investment banking activities were recognized as well with the “Best investment bank” awarded in Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic and Romania.Wrapping up this impressive award tally, the firm’s capabilities in wealth management were recognized for the whole region (“Best private bank in CEE & CIS”) and for three countries with the “Best private bank” award in Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia, as well as the “Best asset manager” in Bulgaria and Slovakia.“RBI is EMEA Finance’s Best Bank in the CEE and CIS region. The bank delivered the best results in its history in 2018,” said Christopher Moore, publisher and CEO, EMEA Finance magazine. “What’s particularly impressive is the manner in which RBI is operating, where the individual subsidiaries are innovating according to their own local environment, formulating and implementing specific local market strategies, while at the same time leveraging what can be termed the ‘best of best’ from across the network. It seems that the bank can apply uniform practice in key areas without stymieing creativity and innovation at country level.”