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Invest in Investment funds, through Raiffeisen ON

For the first time in investment fund market in Albania, Raiffeisen Invest offers its existing customers the chance to invest in Investment funds, through Raiffeisen ON.With the opportunity to invest through Raiffeisen ON platform, we aim to offer customers the freedom to buy quotas at any time, being at home, office or anywhere else without the need to go at the bank branches.By investing in online investment funds you not only facilitate your daily life but have more time and space to make the right decisions about your investment.Invest in two steps:Login to Raiffeisen ON - Click Payment - Send Money - Search for Beneficiary (only the funds you have will automatically appear: Raiffeisen Pension, Raiffeisen Prestige, Raiffeisen Vizion, Raiffeisen Invest Euro)Spend the amount you want to invest.Grow your investments through Raiffeisen ON!