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Notification to all customers! Extension of loan repayment

Dear clients,Wishing you and your families health and courage in facing this extraordinary situation we are undergoing, we are pleased to announce that Raiffeisen Bank is fully committed to taking mitigation measures for its borrowing clients.Pursuant to a decision dated 12.03.2020 of Bank of Albania for an Amendment to the Regulation "On credit risk management by banks and branches of foreign banks”, Raiffeisen Bank sha, based on the decision of its governing bodies, is activating mitigation measures to accommodate the needs of its customers in case of difficulty/impossibility to fulfill their contractual obligations with our bank.For all individual and companies, Raiffeisen Bank comes with the option of rescheduling the loan by not charging any penalties or worsening the borrower's status.We invite individuals and companies to contact their personal banker / account manager, or the bank's Contact Center at the number 00355 42381381, and e-mail by giving arguments for the requested rescheduling of the monthly loan installments.The Bank will assess the requests giving the best solution for our customers, on a case by case basis.If you apply as an individual please fill and sign this form:Loan rescheduling formMeanwhile, we emphasize that entities that are not financially affected by the situation created will continue to repay the loan normally, as previously agreed.We are in constant communication with Bank of Albania and will inform you of any necessary information. We wish this period to be as smooth as possible.Thank you for your trustRaiffeisen BankRaiffeisen Bank