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Notification to all customers! The process of replacing old debit and credit cards

Dear customer,As you already have been informed through constant announcements over the past months, Raiffeisen Bank has undertaken the process of replacing old debit and credit cards. This migration process is dictated by the technical developments of the card system/platform and brings about significant improvements for all our customers who own a card.Some of these improvements are as follows:Longer validity period: 4 years for debit card and 5 years for credit cardContactless payment for purchases inside and outside the country. Domestic payment up to 4,500 all Without PIN.Higher usage limitsNew modern and contemporary design for both cardsOption for additional Sticker or Payband attached to your debit or credit cardInstallments payments according to monthly plans of 3,6,12,18 and 24 months with 0% interest via credit cardAdditional credit cards for your relatives (up to 3)Acknowledging the significant importance of the cards for our customers, and to maximally facilitate the replacement process Raiffeisen Bank has been in constant communication with our customers through:Your email addresses deposited in the bankSending sms to phone numbers deposited in the bankDirect calls to your phone numbersOngoing announcements through the digital platform Raiffeisen-ONAnnouncements on the Raiffeisen Bank websiteAwareness messages on Raiffeisen Bank social networksThe message displayed on the screens of Raiffeisen Bank ATMsOrganizing promotional campaigns to replace/use new cards against the cash back bonusRaiffeisen Bank would like to remind once again to all our customers who have not yet withdrawn the new card, that they are requested to kindly come at the counters of Raiffeisen Bank to withdraw the new card.As of October 30th, 2020, you will only be able to use the new cards, meanwhile the old cards cannot be used either for ATM withdrawals or for various purchases.The staff of our branches is available and has undertaken all measures to make the process of receiving the new card as easy as possible, a card which has been replaced at no cost to you.Thank you for being part of the Raiffeisen community,Raiffeisen Bank