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RaiConnect, Raiffeisen Bank’s innovative platform to facilitate your banking experience

Raiffeisen Bank, in its constant efforts to offer new solutions and adapt to the needs of its customers, introduces the innovative RaiConnect platform which enables its Premium customers to communicate at any time online with their financial advisor. Introduced for the first time in Albania, RaiConnect is the newest and most secure way for online communication through which Premium customers can contact or conduct virtual meetings, exchange documents, make financial plans and  applying for loans and other banking products as well as display their screen during online meetings with their personal advisors. Also, considering that communication will be done in a closed and personalized channel for each customer, they can return at any time to conversations and documents they have exchanged in the past with bank officials. Customers can also use RaiConnect to apply for banking products, get advice on banking products and services, and all this is done from their home or office. Currently RaiConnect can be used by premium customers at Raiffeisen Bank. In addition to facilitating customers' interaction with the Bank, RaiConnect will also serve to avoid customer visits to branches, thus continuing the joint and ongoing efforts of all institutions to prevent the spread of the pandemic.