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The bank will launch new digital products very soon with the aim that, within 2021, our customers be provided with even the most important and complex online banking products, thus turning the dream of Raiffeisen Bank into a reality, via mobile, on a 24/7 basis.


Interview with Resmi HIBRAJ

Head of PI Lending & Digital Banking



1. What is the platform?

The platform is one of the latest digital innovations, which Raiffeisen Bank constantly brings to its customers. Raiffeisen's goal is that, through the latest technology and in the simplest and most intuitive way, to bring the bank where the customer is and not to push the customer to come, where the bank is. This is the future of banking, an inevitable reality for our market as well, which has traditionally been based on providing banking services through personal banker – client interaction. Digital innovations aim to preserve the added value of personal attention that the bank will pay to the customer and improve it, by channeling it towards more complex products, such as: lending or investment.

The platform ( came as a natural development of the progress, Raiffeisen has made during the last 5 years, in accordance with its strategy to transform the banking experience for its clients. Our strategy focuses on developing the culture of innovation, digitalization of products/services, with a focus on mobile banking, and partnering with Albanian fintechs. Initially we brought Raiffeisen On, the mobile and web application, as the first one in the market, which created the opportunity to make all payments, transfers, phone top-ups, investments and applications for various products entirely online, 24/7. Then other innovations followed suit, such as: person-to-person digital payments, through KUIK, as well as person-to-business, through Scan & Pay, thus revolutionizing payment services, to be followed later by the first digital assistant (chatbot) in the market, RONA, where customers get answers to their questions, through artificial intelligence technology, without having to call customer service, or to show up to the branch.

The next qualitative step, and certainly more ambitious from the viewpoint of complexity and regulatory/legal compliance required by the Albanian legislation, is offering new customers the opportunity to become part of Raiffeisen through a completely online process, without the need to visit the branch physically. Such an innovation is quite significant and a breakthrough for our market and will substantially improve the quality of customer service.

The COVID-19 pandemic, through unprecedented social constraints and distancing for our society, highlighted the need to expand digital services in every area of ​​the economy, including the banking sector, too. The frequent footages of long queues, in front of banks and other institutions, were a clear proof that our country and the banks as part of it, are still lagging behind global trends. By being aware of the situation and consequences, Raiffeisen Bank intensified the work, started well before 2020, to enable making new customers entirely online and the platform is our digital offer for new customers.


2. How to make the banking experience easier for customers? platform brings some important benefits to the bank and its customers. For the bank, it is an opportunity to offer the customer a fast, convenient, real-time and completely free service. Thus, it further diversifies channels, through which banking products and services are offered. Even more significant are the benefits to customers. It is a clear fact that, in less than 15 minutes, any client becomes a new customer of Raiffeisen Bank, by opening a new account, receiving a package with additional benefits, applying for a contactless debit card, etc. All of this is made possible by filling in a questionnaire with personal data and through video identification, as well as the digital signature.

Such advantages are extraordinary important, when considering how much precious time would be spent at the branch, waiting in line, and not to mention the risk of COVID-19, given the exposure to an increased contact.


3. Know us better through the digital/electronic signature process

The digital/electronic signature is enabled through a sophisticated and secure process, which guarantees customer identification, maintains data confidentiality and storing the proof that the client has signed digitally in our virtual archive. Digital signature is also a novelty for developed markets, and in this perspective, the implementation by Raiffeisen, as the first bank in the market, has set an important milestone, which will further develop the banking sector. The process is simple and the client, after completing the entire registration and application process, receives form the bank a document, which will be signed in digital form. The client opens the digital signature application, then opens PDF document to read/verify it, and with just one click signs the document, which is then automatically forwarded to the bank.


4. Now that customers may open an online account, when will they have the opportunity to benefit from other products, by online application?

Opening an account is not an isolated process, but is accompanied by the opportunity to apply, or express interest in other products of the bank. From the first moment of application, customers have the opportunity to choose the option they want: should they only want a simple account, or a package that offers a number of important services, at no cost (only the monthly cost of the package). Along with the account, the customer has the opportunity to apply for a debit card, enabling depositing and withdrawals from the account.

Following the account opening, the customer may download Raiffeisen On mobile application, where any banking transaction, performed at the branch, may be easily executed. At the same time, the customer has the opportunity to start using the digital innovation: KUIK, which enables money transfers to personal contacts via mobile phone, within a few minutes. This service is among the most demanded ones in developed markets and has been enthusiastically embraced by over 35,000 Raiffeisen customers.

Raiffeisen On offers many other payment and account maintenance services, as well as the ability to make purchases through Scan&Pay. At the same time, the client has also the opportunity to express interest in other products that the bank offers.


5. Given the market need, what will be the next digital innovations, Raiffeisen will offer to its customers in the future?

Back to the above discussion about digital revolution that our country is experiencing, it is evident that for each of us the technology is changing the way we organize our time and activities, in a form not even imagined a few years ago, and here banks make no exception. During 2020 Raiffeisen quickly and efficiently changed the organization of work, by working virtually to protect the employees’ health, as well as to ensure the provision of customer service seamlessly, despite serious challenges brought by COVID-19 pandemic. It was precisely our digital progress in recent years that allowed the bank to emerge stronger out of the crisis and with a larger customer base. We are determined to further expand the range of digital services we offer; the market needs for new fast and secure digital services will be only increasing and Raiffeisen will always remain one step ahead of the market, to meet the demands of customers.

The bank will launch new digital products very soon with the aim that, within 2021, our customers be provided with even the most important and complex online banking products, thus turning the dream of Raiffeisen Bank into a reality, via mobile, on a 24/7 basis. Customers expect the relationship with the bank to develop further, being always dynamic and tailored to their needs, which evolve every day. Raiffeisen aims to meet such demands through an easy and transparent digital experience, by offering the customer something more: a benefit, a reward for loyalty, an offer, exactly when and where the customer needs it.

This is our digital mission and promise!

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