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Semi-Annual Financial Report 2022

• Net interest income up 23% quarter-on-quarter, due to higher rates in CE and SEE as well as EURRUB appreciation

• Net fee and commission income up 29% quarter-on-quarter, in particular on the back of continued strong customer activity and FX business in Russia

• Provisioning ratio increased significantly to 0.86% year-to-date, largely driven by the buildup of overlays and macro downgrades

• Loans grew 7% year-to-date, supported by focus CE and SEE markets

• Consolidated profit of EUR 1,712 million year-to-date, including a net gain of EUR 453 million on the sale of the Bulgarian unit

• CET1 ratio at 13.4% (transitional, including year-to-date result), including 75 bps from the sale of the Bulgarian unit, and despite RWA inflation and higher risk costs in Eastern Europe

Please find the full version of the press release in the pdf attached here

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