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Raiffeisen Bank supports the development of the energy sector in Albania

Agreements are signed with the Albanian Power Exchange, ALPEX for the settlement services and clearing transactions in the energy market.

  • The first second-tier bank in Albania, which provides financial clearing services for members of the energy exchange in the platform.
  • The bank that ensures the settlement services of all transactions that will be carried out on the energy exchange.

Raiffeisen Bank will support the development of the energy sector in Albania, enabling payment transactions in the Albanian Power Exchange, ALPEX. Based on the agreements signed between the two institutions, Raiffeisen Bank Albania will offer settlement services and financial clearing services to the bank's customers who are also members of the Albanian Power Exchange, ALPEX.

The bank will facilitate the opening and maintenance of all necessary settlement bank accounts, which are integrated with the ALPEX system. It will also enable daily management of trading limits and secure payment of all obligations that will arise in the ALPEX markets from clients represented by the bank.

Through its role as a general clearing member, Raiffeisen Bank will enable the necessary infrastructure to ensure that members of the exchange, clients of the bank, can operate freely with specialized staff dedicated to this activity.

Through this cooperation, Raiffeisen Bank has once again shown its commitment to being a strong partner and pioneer of important projects in the country, constantly offering innovative and efficient banking solutions to its customers. These agreements mark the realization of the targeted European model of electricity markets in the country.

"We are proud to be part of this historic moment by supporting the opening and operation of the Albanian Power Exchange in the Albanian market, marking a fundamental change in the Albanian economy, where for the first time a commodity can be traded on the exchange.

Raiffeisen Bank will play a key role in the operation of the ALPEX exchange, and we are confident of a long-term partnership. Thanks to this cooperation, we not only support the further development of the country's economy but bring new opportunities to the Albanian market for our customers and every company that will trust Raiffeisen Bank" said Mrs. Elona Mullahi (Koçi) Board Member for Corporate business.

Raiffeisen Bank Albania is part of the Raiffeisen Bank International group with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Raiffeisen Bank has been operating in the Albanian market since 2004 and is one of the leading banks in the banking industry. The bank offers a wide range of commercial products and services across the 4 key business lines it operates - retail customers, micro businesses, small enterprises (SE) and corporates and serves more than 465,000 customers. Raiffeisen On, the digital channel is the most innovative banking platform on the market as well as the most used. Our mission is to transform continuous innovation into excellent customer experience with the vision to be the most recommended group for financial services.

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