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Cards: Mastercard World

Unlock the benefits of extra credit with the Raiffeisen Bank Mastercard. Simplify your life, confidently shop in-store or online, and reap the rewards of bonus schemes and cashback offers all year round.

Benefits from the Mastercard World

Free Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi whenever you go with Boingo

Secure, unlimited, and high-speed Boingo Wi-Fi connection in over 1 million hotspots worldwide. You can connect up to 4 devices at any time to the Wi-Fi network provided by Boingo and its partners.


What is Boingo Wi-Fi for Mastercard?

With eligible Mastercard World Credit Cards, cardholders have seamless access FREE of charge to more than 1 million hotspots in 100 countries on 6 continents:

  • at airports
  • hotels (eg Mariott, Hilton, Accor)
  • in cafes
  • in restaurants
  • in stadiums
  • officeson board some airlines (eg American Airlines, Airfrance, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic)

How do I connect to Boingo Wi-Fi Mastercard networks?

If you have a valid Mastercard World Credit Card issued by Raiffeisen Bank Albania, you must register your credit card at before using the service.

We would like to inform our customers that the registration can be started 48 hours after the activation of the bank card.

To verify eligibility, please enter the 16-digit number of your Mastercard World credit card.
After verification, create a Boingo account using the selected username and password.
A confirmation of registration will be sent to the e-mail address provided.
The program details and a guide for downloading the application, connecting, and accessing customer service will then be available in the welcome interface.

How do I know where Boingo WiFi is available?

Download the Boingo Wi-Fi Finder app from the App Store or Play Store.

  1. You can log in to the application with the username and password you provided when registering on the previous web interface.
  2. If it appears on the interface, please read Boingo's customer agreement and end user license agreement, then tap "I accept".
  3. After logging in, you can search for available networks in the upper right corner. If you tap this, hotspot contacts near you will be displayed. If you click on the selected symbol on the map, you will see the details and the exact name of the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. Then connect to the Wi-Fi network within the app.

Additional services, Boingo Wi-Fi on board:

Boingo also provides Wi-Fi internet access on some flights during the flight. It depends on the aircraft, the schedule and other factors determined by the airline. The credit card holder can find out in the Wi-Finder application or in the browser interface whether the service is available at the given airline.

Offline map download service within the app

  • 7/24 hours customer service available in 365 days
  • Technical and account support in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese: by phone, email.

Important information:

Use of the service is FREE of charge for cardholders with a Mastercard World Credit Card issued by Raiffeisen Bank Albania.

The customer can connect up to 4 devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop).

Users must be within range of a Wi-Fi hotspot to successfully connect. (Physical obstacles, such as a brick wall, metal frame, or concrete, can reduce the frequency strength and range.)

If you have any questions, please call 00355 4 2227 262

Lounge Key: Access to the Airport Lounge

Access to more than 1,200 Airport Business Lounge venues worldwide via LoungeKey. Your Mastercard World credit card issued by Raiffeisen Bank gives you 1 free visit to the Business Lounge per year. 


Lounge Key

Make your trip comfortable and spend a pleasant pre-departure time on your trips! With the LoungeKey service, you can refresh yourself in exclusive lounges.

What is LoungeKey?

With the LoungeKey service, Mastercard World Credit Card cardholders and those traveling with them, can use the services of more than 1,200 exclusive airport lounges in 120 countries around the world such as:

  • Gastronomic experiences,
  • Internet / Wi-Fi, fax, telephone, TV
  • Small rooms for private calls

How much does it cost to enter for Mastercard World Credit Card customers and those who travel with them?

As a Mastercard World Credit cardholder issued by Raiffeisen Bank Albania, you are entitled to one complimentary lounge visit per annum, and you will pay a preferential price only because you own a Mastercard World Credit Card.

  • Additional visits (within the year) for Mastercard World Credit cardholders: € 24 / person* instead of €28
  • For the cardholder's guest (s): € 24/ person instead of €28

We inform you that starting from January 1st 2024, the visit fee for entering the Business Lounge premises will be €28/person.

This fee will be applicable also to persons accompanying the cardholder.

*Note: Visits fee may be subject of changes according to Mastercard price.

Who can use LoungeKey and how?

The services of the lounge can be used by cardholders who have a valid registered credit card, regardless of the airline or class of ticket they are traveling with. 

Optional to register quickly and easily (if you haven't already registered):

I. Register with a Mastercard World Credit Card at
II. Click "Create your account" to enter your Credit Card information, then click "Validate" after entering your verification code.
III. Create your own online profile (username and password)

Download the LoungeKey app for your smartphone from the App Store or Play Store, where you can access personalized information after logging in.

Creating an account, offers you lounge access via the app/QR code, access to hundreds of exclusive discounts offers and deals worldwide, the ability to view your visits entitlement (how many visits you have used and how many you have left) and allow you to see which lounges you have visited.

Access to the LoungeKey lounges

Always check before you travel:

  • the validity and balance of your Mastercard World Credit Card.
  • the availability, opening hours and services of LoungeKey lounges at the airport involved in the journey in the LoungeKey mobile application or on the website specific conditions for lounges involved in the journey.
    Some lounges may specify the number of people staying in the Lounge one time, or the maximum length of time they can stay in, after which they can be re-entered. These are decided separately by each waiter. You can find specific rules, conditions and more information in the search box.

At the airport, find the lounges, where you will be able to:

  • Indicate that you want to use LoungeKey
  • Present your eligible Mastercard World Credit Card
  • The credit card will be requested in the lounge and its validity will be checked with a card reader.
  • All amounts will be charged in your credit card account and will be shown in the following month after the lounge visit.

Important information:

To use the mobile application, you need to create an online profile (username and password) at

The check is verified with a credit card issued to the customer. To verify eligibility, there will be a temporary charge of $ 1 on the card, which will be refunded (usually within 10 business days).

In you can find the most common questions (FAQ) about the service of LoungeKey.

We inform that neither Raiffeisen Bank nor Mastercard limits the number of guests traveling with the cardholder, but the lounges reserve the right to individually regulate the number of guests for the convenience and safety of guests.

In case of loss or theft of the credit card, notify the bank immediately! The service in LoungeKey can only be used with an active credit card.

If you have any questions, please call 00355 4 2227 262

Safe flights: Travel Insurance

Pay for your flight ticket with your Mastercard World credit card and you will benefit a free travel insurance.

Travel insurance covers you in case of:

  1. Accidental loss of life
  2. Temporary loss of luggage
  3. Travel delay or loss of contact, cash reward per person in case the departure is delayed more than 6 hours
  4. Mastercard World Credit card clients will benefit from medical / health consultation via Teleshendet.

How to use Teleshendet?

To use the Teleshendet service, the cardholder must download and install the application which is available in the App Store & Play Store.

The cardholder must create a profile by completed the personal information and then activate Teleshendet package with the following benefits:

  • Communication with the doctor 24/7
  • Medical prescriptions online
  • Medical card online

Please follow the steps according to the manual pdf to install Teleshendet application.

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