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Premium cards: Shop with peace of mind

Whatever your shopping habits, you are sure to find a Premium card that provides you with the flexibility and control you need.

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Discover the future of payments with our debit and credit cards. Experience secure transactions, rewards, and financial flexibility at your fingertips. Elevate your spending experience today.


Credit Card

Explore our collection of credit cards and discover how you can enhance your financial journey, helping you make the most of every moment, whether you're at home or abroad. Your ideal credit card experience starts here. 


Gold Debit Card

Get your Debit card Visa or Mastercard from Raiffeisen Bank for easy payments anywhere.

Debit cards offer the perfect solution to simplify your daily routine. Enjoy contactless payments, cash withdrawals and deposits, online transactions, and the use of SmartPay accessories. 


PROMO: SmartPay

Making contactless payments has never been easier.

Get now your SmartPay Accessories as an innovative solution designed to facilitate your daily life. These cards are a revolutionary way to make contactless payments and cash withdraw from contactless ATMs without the need to carry your main card with you.

  • Sticker Card
  • Payband Card 

Discover the latest solutions to keep your cards always safe and sound.

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