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Credit Card

Your Travel Companion Card.

Travel Insurance
Free access in Business Lounge
0% commission for all POS & online payments
0% interest installment payments

Choose the card that suits you the best.

Discover countless reasons to embrace the power of Credit Cards! Whether it's seizing the perfect opportunity or unlocking a world of card benefits, we have a selection waiting just for you: 


Gold credit card: Buy now, pay later

Mastercard Gold Credit Card is exclusively designed for our premium customers:

  • 0% commission on all POS & Online purchases
  • Fee access in Tirana International Airport
  • Business Lounge      
  • Travel Insurance      
  • SmartPay accessories
  • Up to three supplementary Credit Cards

Mastercard World Credit Card: One card for all needs!

As a Mastercard World credit cardholder you will have the
best benefits in the market:

  • 0% commission on all POS & Online purchases
  • Fee access in Tirana International Airport Business Lounge
  • One free entry per year to the Business Lounge at 1,100 airports worldwide. (LoungeKey App) and preferential price for other entries
  • FREE package data plan 5 x 1GB (3 days) for roaming abroad via Flexiroam
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical assistance (Teleshendet App)
  • Up to three supplementary Credit Cards with half price
  • Free SmartPay accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

On this part you may find the most frequently asked questions about Premium Credit Cards

  • Credit Card applications can be initiated at any branch of the bank.
  • All salary deposit customers at Raiffeisen bank can also apply through the Raiffeisen On Digital Platform.
  • You can complete the online application form on the Web and then the bank will contact you.

The application is made by all individuals who have verifiable income:

  • Salary deposit customers at Raiffeisen Bank
  • Non-salary deposit customers in Raiffeisen Bank
  • Customers with business income
  • Other customers who apply through cash collateral

A one-time activation is required for the credit card, and it is performed through:

  • First purchase and enter credit card PIN.
  • Activation at Raiffeisen Bank ATM by setting the PIN code.
  • Calling the bank at the number indicated on the card.

The respective card limit (credit limit) of your Raiffeisen credit card is shown on your monthly bill. Your Raiffeisen advisor will tell you whether this card limit can possibly be changed.

The credit card limit can be used:

  • Up to 100% of card limit in purchases at points of sale (POS)
  • Up to 100% of card limit for online purchases
  • Up to 100% of card limit for withdrawal in ATM 

  • By contact / Classic: You insert your Raiffeisen credit card into the merchant's internal terminal and confirm your payment via the reader of your chip and PIN.
  • Contactless: You can also make contactless payments with your credit cards from Raiffeisen bank. To do this, hold your credit card near the contactless symbol on the terminal card reader (POS). A green light at the payment terminal, combined with a short signal tone, confirms your payment. 
    Contactless payment limits: 
    -Up to 4,500 Lek without PIN at Raiffeisen Point of sale (POS).
    -Up to 50 Euro/ equivalent without using PIN at the other banks Point of sale (POS) inside and outside the country.
    -The number of contactless transactions without PIN is up to 5 consecutive transactions.
    -If the sum of 150 Euros (equivalent in Lek currency) of consecutive transaction without PIN is exceeded, the transaction will be approved through PIN.
  • Online: Online purchases through the "3D Secure" service, which make the card issued by Raiffeisen Bank very secure. Through this service, you will be contacted via an SMS to your mobile phone number that you have registered in the bank, which will contain the unique 6-digit code with which you will confirm the authorization to make the payment with this card.

You can repay the credit card starting from a monthly minimum of 5% of the total amount spent.

Credit card repayment can be performed through:

  • Raiffeisen On Digital Platform
  • Cash Deposit in ATM

Please note! For the repayment through depositing at the ATM, make sure that you deposit the funds at least two working days before the date set for minimum payment (not later than 19:00 of that day), for it to be considered as repayment of this obligation.

  • In every branch of Raiffeisen bank

  • Notify immediately Raiffeisen Card Service at the following contact numbers: 00355 4 2227 262 for any problem with your debit or credit card, activate, blockage, etc 0800 7777 (fix line)
  • You could report your compliant anytime by filling the form you will find on the following link
  • Go to the nearest bank branch to report any misuse of the card

Be careful with rays and magnetic fields: Avoid contact with magnetic fields (such as magnetic switches). Your card should also not be exposed continuously near electronic devices, especially near smartphones.

Proper storage: The card should be stored so that it will not bend or scratch.