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Secured Loans: Buying your first home

The purchase of a house is a significant event in life that can bring great joy and fulfillment. It is considered to be one of the most important milestones that one can achieve.

Housing Loan in our bank offers below mentioned benefits:

Find out what a home loan is all about and its many benefits.

Up to 100% financing of the Purchase Price
Competitive interests
High loan tenor
No guarantor required

Build the future in your new home

We make the buying process a beautiful experience.

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The ultimate home loan

General Conditions

  • Up to a value of 21.000.000 ALL or 180.000 EUR
  • Loan term up to 30 to years
  • Up to 100% financing  of the price of the house
  • Competitive interest rates

Get ready to apply

Ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for our home loan solutions and organize your documents to obtain the necessary financial pre-approval for your project.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for a loan, you must:

  • Be a resident of Albania
  • Receive your salary in Albania

Required Documents

Identification documents:

  • Personal ID (if applied with a Co-Borrower, Personal ID of Co-borrower needed too)
  • Family Certificate

Financial Documents:

  • Documents verifying your employment and incomes (if applied with a Co-Borrower, financial documents of co-borrower are needed too)

Property legal documents:

  • The certificate of ownership of the house that will be bought or left as collateral
  • The cartel of Property
  • The map of the property
  • A draft of Selling-Buying agreement


Raiffeisen Bank's commitment to promoting sustainable development and supporting the environment, climate change, CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions and energy efficiency.

ESG Loan Financing is offered for:

  1. Purchase Apartments built from January 2021 (equipped with energy efficiency certificates)
  2. Apartments with energy efficiency certificates

Interest Rates

Here are some options for your loan:

Fixed Interest rates for 3 years in ALL

  • Salary Deposit Clients 6.0% fix for 3 years
  • Standard Clients 6.5% fix for 3 years
  • Premium Clients 5.7% fix for 3 years

Fixed Interest rates for 3 years in EUR

  • Salary Deposit Clients 7.0% fix for 3 years
  • Standard Clients 7.5% fix for 3 years
  • Premium Clients 6.7% fix for 3 years

Housing Loan in ALL currency

  • Paga + Clients: starting from T-bills + 1.80% (Minimum 3%)
  • Standard Clients: starting from T-Bills + 2.30% (Minimum 3%)
  • Premium Clients: starting from T-Bills +1.55% (Minimum 3%)

Housing Loan in EUR currency

  • Paga + Clients: starting from Euribor + 5.50% (Minimum 4%)
  • Standard Clients: starting from Euribor + 6.00% (Minimum 4%)
  • Premium Clients: starting from T-Bills + 5.25% (Minimum 4%)

ESG Loan

  • For ESG Loan, a discount from the standard interest will be applied according to the respective segments of clients, both in ALL and Euro.

Frequently Asked Questions

On this part you may find the most frequently asked questions about Financing your new Home

Yes, you can apply by yourself for a housing loan, without a coborrower, if your incomes are enough to cover the loan instalment and if you legally are “unmarried”

Yes, you can be financed for a house which is under construction, by bringing another property as collateral, always respecting the terms and conditions of the bank related to the type of property, value and coverage of the loan

To get financed by the bank for a housing loan, you have to be employed and have declared incomes that cover the loan instalment, despite a property to be used as pledge for the bank. If the house you would like to buy is not registered yet, you should have another property for pledge, but it is crucial you are engaged in work and have incomes from work

The amount of loan depends on some factors that are related to the monthly instalment and the tenor of the loan. The bank also offers different maximum amounts of loan for different type of clients. The bank finance up to 100% of the value of the house that will be bought

Yes, you can be financed for both objects, with the condition that the house and the garage are located at the same building or complex of buildings

You can bring another property as collateral, but it should be a residence type, a living apartment, a villa or a unit.

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