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Unsecured Loans: Personal Loan Guaranteed with Term Deposit

It’s fast, secure and easy!

Are you a holder of a Term Deposit Account with Raiffeisen Bank?

No need to prematurely terminate your deposit for unforeseen expenses. We provide assistance by offering a loan secured by your deposit.


You earn full interest on the deposit

  • Salary Deposit Clients 6.0% fix for 3 years
  • Standard Clients 6.5% fix for 3 years
  • Premium Clients 5.7% fix for 3 years

Fast and simple procedures

  • Salary Deposit Clients 7.0% fix for 3 years
  • Standard Clients 7.5% fix for 3 years
  • Premium Clients 6.7% fix for 3 years

Competitive rates

  • Paga + Clients: starting from T-bills + 1.80%
  • Standard Clients: starting from T-Bills + 2.30%
  • Premium Clients: starting from T-Bills +1.55%

No justifying documents required

  • Paga + Clients: starting from Euribor + 5.50%
  • Standard Clients: starting from Euribor + 6.00%
  • Premium Clients: starting from T-Bills + 5.25%

The loan currency can be different from the deposit currency.

  • For ESG Loan, a discount from the standard interest will be applied according to the respective segments of clients, both in ALL and Euro.


Loan maturityUp to 25 years
Loan amountMin: 100.000 LEK - Max: 12.000.000 LEK
Min: 800 EUR - Max: 100.000 EUR
Percentage of Financingup to 80% of the value of the deposit depending on currencies
Interest Rate
For LEK currency: Bono Thesari 12M + 1.3%
For EUR curency: Euribor + 4.8%
Administration Fee
5000 ALL for Salary Customers / 5% of Loan Amount for Non-Salary Customers
Documents required

Identity Document, Family Certificate, Copy of Term Deposit Contract

*The Bank reserves the right to request additional documentation on case basis.

DepositThe deposit currency can be in Lek, USD dollar, Euro, Pound and or Swiss Franc CHF