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Join Raiffeisen: Basic Payment Account

Benefit from the advantages of the basic payment account. 


deposit funds into a payment account


possibility of withdrawing money from a payment account at branches or ATMs

Bank transactions

payment transactions through a debit card (excluding credit card payment transactions), including online payments


at terminals and bank branches and through online platforms

Having a basic payment account at Raiffeisen Bank makes, everything easier for you.

  • The basic payment account is offered to clients in the Republic of Albania, regardless of income level, employment status, or payment ability history within the Republic of Albania. 
  • For customer categories benefiting from programs and policies for economic and social assistance schemes according to relevant legislation, services will be provided free of charge.

24/7 Flexibility

When opening a basic payment account, you have the option to request a VISA or Mastercard debit card in the Lek currency, which offers the following benefits: 

  • Easy payments at all points of sale (POS) inside and outside the country.
  •  Cash withdrawals from the basic payment account anytime, anywhere, through Raiffeisen's extensive ATM network and all ATMs in Albania and abroad. 
  • Depositing your funds at Raiffeisen Bank ATMs.

Transferring Payment Account Service

The Bank offers the possibility of transferring payment accounts from the Bank to another payment service provider. In carrying out the process of transferring payment accounts, the Bank shall apply the rules set out in the Regulation of the Bank of Albania.

The transfer of the payment account will be made based on the authorization signed by the Client.


Your deposits in Raiffeisen Bank are fully protected and insured by the Deposits Insurance Agency  up to an amount of 2.500.000,00 Lek (two million and five thousand), in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 53/2014, dated 22.05.2014, "On the Deposits' Insurance," as amended.


  • Fixed Periodical Payments: Convenient transfers to third parties from your current account.
  • Automatic Payments (Direct Debit) of utility payments are listed below:
    • OSHEE
    • ONE

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