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Tips for a more relaxed Christmas time

A relaxed Christmas time should be a given. Most of the time, however, we're hectically on the road, getting everything under wraps for the big day and stressing about getting all the presents on time. That doesn't have to be the case though! 

This year, let’s take the opportunity to make ourselves comfortable at home, take things slower and more relaxed and let the contemplative Christmas mood take effect on us:

#1 Digital detox

On social media such as Instagram, Facebook & co. the first Christmas decorations, Advent calendars and lots of other Christmas topics are already pursuing us by the end of October. It's best to switch off a little and enjoy the autumn feeling first. That way you can escape the stress.

#2 Plan ahead

It's best to get all your presents in November so that you don't have to drive into the crowded city centre or get stressed out by last-minute Christmas shopping among the crowds.

#3 No pressure

We don't need 77 different types of cookies, 20 mulled wine dates or a completely new Christmas decoration every year. Don’t let the Christmas frenzy take hold of you – you are doing the best you can, and that is enough.

#4 Take a break

The to-do list goes on and on and you don't know where your head is anymore? Then consciously take some time off. Relax in the bathtub, read a book, meditate, go to the sauna or take a walk in the forest. You will feel fresh and renewed!

#5 A Christmas tree in a pot please

A Christmas tree in a pot is sustainable and can then be used outdoors again. Replant it and visit it in the garden or forest next year.

#6 Sustainable Christmas menu

How about a vegetarian Christmas menu in the spirit of sustainability? There are many tasty vegetarian alternatives. For those who don’t want to pass on meat or fish, consider local organic produce. Choose seasonal vegetables and local ingredients to incorporate sustainable flavour.

#7 Stop the flood of gifts

Instead of forever searching for the perfect gift, you could agree to give each other nothing but time together.

#8 Observe the 4-gift rule

This ‘4-gift rule for children’ does not only apply to kids necessarily.

  • Give them something they want
  • Give them something they really need
  • Give them something to wear
  • Give them something to read

#9 Give sensibly and consciously

Gifts that have a lasting personal value or are used daily are great. As mentioned, time gifts are great, because in the end, it's the great moments with loved ones that you remember all your life, not the stuff you own.

#10 Share the Christmas feeling

Many of us live in abundance. Christmas is a good time to be thankful and share what you have – perhaps by donating, for example to charities or food banks.

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