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premium cards: VISA Gold Contactless

Everyday is easier using the Debit Card. Apply now and make it part of your wallet!

Contactless payment up to 4,500 Lekë
ATM Cash-In deposit
POS payments in Albania & abroad

Experience the convenience of a single card fulfilling to all your requirements!

Experience the convenience of the VISA Gold Card from Raiffeisen Bank, designed to simplify your daily life. Unlock the power of easy payments and secure transactions in-store and online. Benefit from exclusive bonus programs and cashback rewards all year round, making every purchase even more rewarding

Zero commission benefits for:

  • Cash withdrawals at Raiffeisen Bank ATMs
  • Purchases in POS within Albania
  • Card renewal
  • PIN change in ATM

PROMO: Smart Pay

Experience the convenience of our remarkable Payband & Sticker, enabling wallet-free shopping

Documents needed

You need just an ID and a Current Account in ALL or EUR at Raiffeisen Bank.