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General terms and conditions

I. Introduction

These General Terms and Conditions regulate the rights, obligations and rules of using the Digital Banking platform which the Bank provides to any Customer holding at least an active current account with the Bank.

Definitions: Individual terms used in these General Terms and Conditions shall have the following meaning:
" Digital Banking " is the electronic banking platform that provides access to Customer’s bank accounts and products using the web and/ or mobile application, hereinafter Internet and Mobile Banking. Digital Banking includes services such as enquiry about balance in the account, details about transactions in the account(s), statement of account, transfer of funds, bill payments and any other services that Raiffeisen Bank Sh.A may decide to provide from time to time via the Digital Banking platform..
“Digital Banking Web” refers to the Digital banking service offered by Raiffeisen Banks Sh.a to the Customer in order to access the Account(s)/ Products via the Internet
“Digital Banking Mobile" refers to the Digital banking service offered by Raiffeisen Banks Sh.a to the Customer in order to access the Account(s)/ Products  via the Mobile Banking Application
 “Customer” refers to an individual client of Raiffiesen Bank Sh.a who holds at least an active account with the Bank and has duly applied for receiving Digital Banking Service.    
“Working Day” means any day (except Saturday and Sunday) on which banks are open for business in the Albanian Republic, the official Holidays are not included. 
 “Customer’s Equipment" means all such compatible equipment and devices, software (including any necessary App downloads), communication lines (including public communication lines) and mobile devices which are able to use Google Android and Apple's iOS operating systems.
“Compatible Operative System” shall be considered all the program/s the Customer is obliged to have installed on its computer and mobile which will be using Digital Banking services a licensed, regularly configured, and regularly updated operative system. Supported operative system and browsers are as follows: IE 9+, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft edge. The mobile application is supported on Android version 7+ and iOS version 10+.
"Rooted Device" refers to mobile devices with compromised or vulnerable operating systems.
"Malicious Applications" refers to applications that can access, modify, collect information from the user's mobile device or applications installed on the user's mobile device.
“Security Elements “means SMS OTP, PIN, Mobile Token, Mobile Cronto or “Hardware Cronto“;
Mobile Cronto – authentication application integrated with the Digital Banking mobile application. After activation this component of mobile app can be used to authenticate users and to authorize transactions, via scanning a cronto (colored) image or generating OTPs (one-time password)
Hardware Cronto – out of bound authentication device, where user can activate dedicated security license.  After activation this device is used to authenticate users and to authorize transactions, via scanning a Cronto (colored) image.
Mobile Token - authentication application integrated with the Digital Banking mobile application. After activation this component of mobile app can be used to authenticate users and to authorize transactions via generating OTPs (one-time password).
“SMS OTP” (One Time Password sent via SMS) means one-time secret number issued to the Customer in the registered mobile number, which the Bank presumes that is accessed and known exclusively by him. SMS OTP will be used to identify the Customer and will be part of the sign up process and activation of the other security elements, mobile Cronto and Hardware Cronto and also for payment authorization in web.
“PIN Code” – combination of at least 4 numbers defined during activation of mobile application or hardware device. PIN is used for authentication to unlock mobile application and security elements and authorization of mobile only payments.
“Daily Limits”, means the maximum payment volume ordered within one day (00.00 AM to 23.59 PM) that the Company is allowed to execute through Digital Banking service.
“Transaction Limits”, means the maximum payment amount allowed for one single transaction.

II. General Provisions

2.1 Digital Banking services can be used by any Customer that holds an active current account opened with the Raiffeisen Bank Sh.A.
2.2 By accepting and signing these terms and conditions, the Customer declares that the Bank has provided him with any and all information regarding the Digital Banking service, and that also any and all documents pertaining to the Agreement were made available to him. The signature on the Application form represents the Customer's confirmation that all the rights and obligations arising from the made Agreement are understood and agreed by him.
2.3 Via the Digital Banking Platform are offered a particular range of services which the Bank retains the right to amend at any time without any specific prior approval by the Customer.  Any and all adds or amendments to the already agreed Digital Banking services, the new launched services or the availability/non-availability of a particular service shall be communicated to the Customer through e-mail, publishing in the Bank’s official website and Platform or via a direct mail, as may be deemed fit by the Bank under its sole discretion.
2.4 By signing these General Terms and Conditions, the Customer gives its unconditional consent and irrevocable authorization to the Bank that, under its sole discretion due to improvements, safety measures or changes in the current legislation, revoke or change the transaction and daily limits for the payment orders placed with the Bank to be executed through the Digital Banking service.  The Bank will priory notify at least 15 days in advance the Customer on any implementation, revoking or changing the transaction and daily limits set by the Bank by delivering a notification via the Digital Banking service to which the respective daily limit refers, if such service supports such particular notification manner, otherwise the Customer will be notified through e-mail in its chosen address in the Application form.  
2.5 Moreover, the Customer agrees that The BANK has the right to impose restrictions for realization of operations through Digital Banking on the basis of the requirements of the applicable legislation, the internal regulations of the BANK, the present General conditions and the maintaining of proper safety of its systems.
2.6 Should the bank decide to grant privileges for the Exchange Office service, the Customer may execute transactions with preferential conversion rate within own accounts. The Customer shall have 60 seconds availability to confirm or reject the preferential rate given by the Bank. By confirming the offered exchange rate, the Customer will give the authorization that the chosen account will be debited for the specified currency amount equivalent of the bought foreign currency or vice versa.The preferential rate is available by referring to Appendix 1 published on the Bank's official website at the link:
2.7 Transactions executed through Digital Banking service in favor of third parties’ accounts (excluding payments predicted in article 2.8 below) will require the given security elements and the Bank shall not perform payment orders through Digital Banking in case the Customer fails to carry out the authorization requirements.
2.8 Transfer between Own Accounts in Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a, toward Utility Companies and State Budget accounts are authorized without any security elements.
2.9 During the execution of any payment through Digital Banking, the Bank commits to credit the account / IBAN given by the Customer itself and in such regard, the Bank does not bear any responsibility or be held liable to crosscheck the inputted data if they fit with the beneficiary name pre-filled by the Customer during the payment authorization.
2.10 The Bank shall not be liable for any resulting problem or related to transaction errors, technical defects of any kind or nature, line outages, unlocked equipment, routed devices, malicious applications, incompatibilities with sanctioned and administered facilities. third parties, including but not limited to: mobile service providers and / or private network providers. The Company will be held the risk of defects in the physical hardware or computer software programs of the Users themselves and / or the misuse of identifying elements.

III. Enrollment in the Service

3.1 The customer may initiate the enrollment process for Digital Banking service online or in the branch.
i) Branch Enrollment
When enrolment is done in the Branch, to the customer are given full rights to make payments in favor of thirds parties.
ii) Online Enrollment
Should the Customer decide to get enrolled online, he must fill all the required data/information and makes sure they match with those registered in the Bank. In case any of these data will not match, the online enrollment process will not be completed and the Customer will have to visit the Branch to update his personal data in order to be successfully enrolled in this service.
An online enrolled Customer will have by default limited rights and an additional authentication step is needed in order to gain full rights. The profile upgrade process is done by visiting the Branch or performing a Debit card transaction in Digital Banking.
3.2 In case the customer has forgotten his credentials (Username/ Password) for login in Digital Banking web, he may change them by doing the sign up process again.

IV. Use of Security Element

4.1 The BANK shall provide to the Customer SMS OTP, a soft integrated in mobile application (Mobile Token and Mobile Cronto) and/or a hardware device (Hardware Cronto) for identification and authorization.  SMS OTP will be received at mobile number declared to Bank.  Mobile Token, Mobile/HW Cronto security elements will be accessed by PIN that should be defined by Customer himself/herself. Mobile Token and Mobile and Hardware Cronto are used for authorization of transactions.
4.2 Any and all potential monetary, reputational or goodwill loss derived as a result of fraudulent and/or negligence misconduct actions performed by the Customer during the conduct of Digital Banking service, shall be borne solely and exclusively by the latter. In this respect, the Customer understands that this responsibility shall not be limited even in those cases when the security elements are made known to third parties due to the fact that the Customer fail to safeguard the given security elements as per the below instructions:
a) The Bank advises that selecting easily guessed combinations passwords and/or PIN and/or personal information such as telephone numbers, date of birth, or a recognizable part of Customer’s name or initials should be avoided.
b) Passwords and/or PIN used for the Service should not be used for accessing other services (for example, connection to the internet or accessing other websites, or Pin for cards).
c) The Customer must take reasonable steps to keep the security elements safe and the password/PIN secret and to access the Service in a secure manner to prevent fraud or abuse. In particular, the Customer should take all reasonable precautions including, but not necessarily limited to:
not allowing anyone else to use the password and PIN or disclosing their passwords to anyone including, Bank’s staff, the Police or other authorities. The Bank’s staff will never ask for Customer’s password.  If in doubt, the Customer should immediately contact the Bank’s address given on Article 3.3 below;
never write down the password and PIN on the security the security elements on anything usually kept with or near it;
should not write down or record the password without disguising it;
not disclose their personal information such as information on their identity card or passport, addresses, or bank accounts, to any persons failing to prove their identities or any doubtful websites;
Do not let security elements unattended. For SMS OTP, Mobile Token and Mobile Cronto the device used are respectively mobile phone where is active the mobile number declared in bank and smart phone where mobile app is activated, and for Hardware Cronto is the dedicated hardware provided from bank.
4.3 In case of loss of the authentications elements or if there are grounds for suspicion that an unauthorized person may have acquired knowledge thereof, the Customer shall proceed with blocking his security element. The block may be done by the customer himself in the web, or he may inform the Bank immediately so that the Bank can arrange for the blockage of the authentications elements and as a result, the access to the Digital Banking Platform by the Customer whose credentials are lost. Access will be blocked automatically in case of repeated attempts at gaining access by the use of incorrect authentication elements.
4.4 In case the customer considers that credentials or security elements are compromised, the customer have the possibility to change Username/password, change PIN, Block Mobile Token or Delete Mobile Cronto.
4.5 The Cronto hardware performance is guaranteed by the Bank for a period up to 18 months starting from its receipt by the Customer. Should this device show defects within the aforesaid period excluding any physical, mechanical, weather or damages arisen from improper use, the Customer shall file a written request to the Bank for a new device. Should the Bank find this request as compliant with the guarantee policy, must submit to the Customer a new Cronto device.
4.6 In the event of a hardware Cronto being lost /stolen/uncovered damages on point 3.5, the BANK shall make a new Hardware Cronto available to the Customer against payment of an actual commission charges according to the current Tariff of the BANK.
4.7 After multiple (3 time) consecutive incorrect Username/password entry, the platform will lock itself for 24 hours. Customer will be obliged to wait 24 hours for the account to be unlocked, or initiate once again the sign up process.
4.8 After multiple (3 time) consecutive incorrect Security Element (PIN, SMS OTP, Token/ Cronto Code) entry, the security element will be locked.
4.9 Customer may unlock the Digital Banking platform (Internet and Mobile) by himself following Bank instructions, or by visiting a branch.
4.10 The Customer is responsible for the mobile number that has declared in the Bank. This number will be used for sending SMS OTP which are used as security elements for enrollment and credentials changes(username/password).
4.11 The Customer accepts the security elements (SMS OTP, Mobile Cronto, Hardware Cronto) as an exclusive proof of its identity during the use of the services of Digital Banking service, without the right of denying it in the future. By using the security element, the possibility of false representation is disabled, which means that a reliable authenticity of the Customer is provided.

V. Placing of orders

5.1 Upon completion of authentication/authorization procedure (username/Password/ PIN/OTP/ Cronto Image) and the fulfillment of mandatory data of a payment order, the Bank will display a message with the status of the payment (Processed /Pending treasury approval /Not Successful / Reject).
5.2 Any order placed with the Bank through the Digital Banking Platform by using the authentications elements that legitimize/authenticate the person as a valid user to this platform, shall be deemed as a valid order placed in the name and on behalf of the Customer himself.  In this regard, the Customer acknowledges and irrevocably accepts that it shall remain under his sole responsibility the safekeeping and non-disclosure of the given authentication elements.
5.3   The Customer understands that must have available sufficient funds in its account/s in the BANK to cover all its liabilities towards the Bank and the transfer orders executed through the Digital Banking Service. Should the funds on the account/s be not sufficient to cover the given payment order, the BANK shall reject the execution of the transaction. The rejected transaction shall receive status “Cancelled”, which shall be considered as a notice from the BANK that the payment shall not be executed.  The Bank reserves the right to interrupt or cancel Digital Banking service by blocking as well any ongoing placed order payments, in case when the Customer’s accounts are inactive, blocked or have outstanding due debts towards the Bank.
5.4 The Customer may place orders in foreign currency abroad Albania only in compliance with Bank of Albania Regulation on Foreign Exchange Activity and he must provide to the Bank the justifying documents within 5 working days from the date of the payment execution by attaching the documents in Digital Banking. In case of failure on providing the justifying documents within the predefined period, the Bank shall not execute any succeeding payment order/s performed. The Bank has the right to grant payment service privileges, where the user has to verify the processing conditions based on Annex 1 published on the Bank's official website as per the link:
5.5 The Bank shall execute received payment orders in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.
5.6 Payment or transfer orders and other electronic documents sent by the Customer via Digital Banking shall be considered authorized and authenticated documents.


6.1 Bank reserves the right to make changes to these general terms and conditions at any time by notifying customers at least 15 days before such changes become applicable.
6.2 The Bank shall not be held responsible for any disturbances or interruptions in the telecommunication network as well as for the consequent unavailability of Digital Banking service which it may cause. The Bank reserves the right to conduct regular maintenance of Digital Banking service. The client will be notified in advance for the bank maintenance schedule. During the regular maintenance, Digital Banking will be unavailable to the Customer.
6.3 The Bank shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage or monetary loss caused to the Customer which come as a result of non-compliance with of any of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer.
6.4 The Bank retains the right to reject a Customer’s application for contracting Digital Banking service or remove the service at any time, should the Customer does not or did not comply with bank or regulatory requirements. 
6.5 The Bank retains the right to suspend or cancel Digital Banking service by blocking as well any ongoing placed order payments, in case when the Customer’s accounts are inactive, blocked or have outstanding due debts towards the Bank.
6.6 The bank retains the right to unilaterally terminate the offering of the Digital Banking service in the following cases:
When the Customer is in breach and does not comply with these terms and conditions and the Bank’s instructions as they may be given from time to time.In case of closure of all the Customer’s accounts.In case the Service is not utilized by the Customer for a 6-months period6.7 Notwithstanding the above prediction, the Bank reserves the right to immediately block the service’s usage in case it has a reasonable doubt that the Customer’s credentials, security elements are compromised or if there is noticed unauthorized access in the Customer’s Digital Banking account.
6.8 The Bank is obliged to temporary suspend or close the Service, should the Customer file a written request for this purpose.
6.9 Bank reserves the right take actions at any time to protect it’s systems from damage or compromise to their integrity, security, reputation or operation. Therefore, the Bank has the right to make changes at any time in terms of service delivery, in accordance with technical developments or in connection with the security measures implemented. To change, modify, or suspend the Service provided for a period of up to 24 hours, if in our judgment we believe that such a change is necessary to protect the client in the first place and the security of our systems. Service interruptions for periods longer than 24 hours, or in cases when the need arises for updates and configurations related to security in the Bank's systems, affected customers will be notified in advance by the Bank.


7.1 The Bank considers your personal data and your privacy protection as a very important issue. Raiffeisen Bank is committed to respect legal framework regarding data protection the Law No. 9887 dated 10.03.2008 “On Protection of Personal Data” with changes, and other bylaws for their implementation, and in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. The detailed information regarding the category of data, purposes and criteria of processing ,and data protection, can be found in Bank’s webpage the address
7.2 Personal data disclosure to third partiesYour data will be transferred to NF INNOVA. Beograd, registered in the Republic of Serbia, with address at "Zorana Dindica Boulevard no. 64a Belgrade" in the capacity of the entity contracted by the Bank for establishing and maintenance of the application
7.3 When you download a bank’s appi-s from google store you have the right to ask for account deletion. Although your google account will be deleted from Bank’s appi downloaded from Google store, there are certain data that the Bank will retain for legitimate interest purposes such as security, fraud prevention, as well as to fulfill legal obligations, in compliance with Albanian legislation.


8.1 The Customer shall pay the fees for the security elements, in accordance with the current Bank ‘s Terms and Conditions and pursuant to the agreed security element. 
8.2 The contracted Digital Banking service is activated only after the agreed Security Element’s fees are duly paid by the Customer. Should the Customer fail to ensure available funds in the predefined account to cover the agreed Security Element’s fees, the Bank has the right to put that account in a debit balance for that due amount.
8.3 Notwithstanding the above prediction, in case of a Customer’s failure to pay the agreed fees, the Bank reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement and request that the Hardware Cronto (for clients with this security element) is returned. 


9.1 The customer must report any issues on the malfunctioning of the Digital Banking platform immediately after the issue has been encountered.  The report may be delivered in written in the Bank Offices and by mail, The Bank is obliged to respond and solve the  issue within a reasonable time and inform the Customer about the solution.
Customer Service
9.2 Should the Customer face the need for support or help in using the Digital Banking platform, he may contact the Bank by one of the following means:
by sending an email in the Digital Banking E-mail Address: digital@raiffeisen.alby calling in the bank number: +355 4 381 381by written form in the Bank address: Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a, European Trade Center, Bulevardi “Bajram Curri”, Tirana, Albania

X. Jurisdiction

10.1 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Albanian law. Unless otherwise agreed upon herein, the General Terms and Conditions of Raiffeisen Bank Sh.A. shall apply. For any dispute arising in connection with this Agreement the parties will try to amicably solve it and if this will not be achievable, the Tirana’s District Court shall be competent to finally resolve the dispute.