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Turning your vacation into her favorite childhood memory

Experience each moment to the fullest

The first 2000 Mastercard cards that make at least 12 or more transactions at domestic or cross-border merchants in the cumulative minimum amount of 40 000 LEK during each period of the campaign, will receive cashback in the amount of 2500 LEK.

The promotional campaign is conducted over two periods:

First period

From 01.07.2024 until 31.07.2024, including both dates

Second period

From 01.08.2024 until 31.08.2024, including both dates

Pay with your Mastercard, and you can get more.

The cashback amount is to be paid by the 15th day after meeting the above-mentioned conditions.

Click on the link for full campaign Terms & Conditions.


Experience each moment to the fullest.

Explore a world of possibilities with cards designed for everyday use and travel.