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Cards: Use your Raiffeisen cards wherever you go!

Tips for using your cards abroad.

Take your Raiffeisen cards everywhere with you!

  • You can easily use your debit and credit cards at shops, bars, restaurants, and ATMs when traveling abroad.
  • Keep track of all your transactions.
  • Go cash-less.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when traveling:

  •  Understand the currency conversion of the transactions performed in a different currency from the card.
  • If given the option, consider paying in local currency to avoid dynamic currency conversion fees because in most cases you will get a better exchange rate.
  • For easier payments, you can use our innovative accessories like Sticker and Playband, as well as the digital wallet Paipay, to avoid carrying your main card.  
  • With a debit card, you can access cash from ATMs and pay for purchases. Consider the surcharge fees applied for withdrawals in ATM-s outside Albania. You will be informed of these fees through a notification that appears on the ATM screen. 
  • Credit cards offer 0% commission purchases at domestic and international points of sale.
  • Be aware of your card’s spending limits, cash withdrawal fees, and POS purchases commission. You can easily check your Debit card spending limit in POS and ATM through Raiffeisen On application in the card details menu. You can use up to 100% of your Credit card limit.  

For more information, click here to check the fees applied when using cards outside Albania.

  • Take advantage of Contactless payment options available for both debit and credit cards, to avoid entering your PIN.
  • Enable transaction notifications through Raiffeisen On app to stay updated in real-time on your card activity. The Bank will send you an SMS message on your mobile for each transaction performed with your card while being abroad. 
  • Save the bank's contact information for quick assistance in case of lost or stolen cards.
  • In case of theft or loss of your cards, please notify the bank immediately to initiate the blocking of your cards. You can also block your cards through Raiffeisen ON and the digital wallet RaiPay.

For additional information regarding card safety and further support, click here.


  • Travel Insurance
  • FREE 5 x 1GB (3 days) package plan for roaming abroad via Flexiroam
  • Access to more than 1,200 Airport Business Lounge venues worldwide 

For more information click here.